Kao Medical technologist reminds: habitual cheating + betrayer, ghost in heart, 10 common performances

Kao Medical technologist reminds: habitual cheating + betrayer, ghost in heart, 10 common performances

Recently, in addition to Wuhan pneumonia (New Crown Pneumonia-COVID-19), Grace Chow broke up | Show Lo was exploded affair | Linda Chien / Sister Butterfly was named!?
This news case is more and more popular, the Asian dance king (also known as the Asian air sex king), the artist Show Lo and the Asian well-known celebrity Grace Chow girlfriend broke up,
Recently, many media broke the news: cheating, making love, making love with many people, and all the artists and makeup artists may have "unbelievable relationship between men and women" with Show Lo, which makes the outside world dumbfounded.

1. Change of pitch, audio, pitch:
When you find that the other half of your speech is not the same as usual, including tone, audio, pitch, etc., and swallowing, clearing your throat, or taking deep breaths more often than usual, these are natural reactions to feeling nervous about something. May be hiding from you.

2. Refuse or fear the intersection of two eyes, eye contact:
The soul window eyes are the most secret! If your partner often avoids your sight, you may not want to be seen through your inner world, because there are ghosts in your heart, which is why you should try not to make eye contact with you.

3. Verbal explanations, vague text descriptions, and erratic eyes;
When the partner is answering your question, the explanation is ambiguous, or the question is used to answer your question, or it is silly, and it is very likely to try to cover up some content. His eyes fluttered when answering questions.
Psychology of micro-expressions: the eyeball moves to the right → looking for memory, the eyeball moves to the left → creating lies

4. Showing melancholy face:
Facial expressions can reveal a lot of information. If your partner tries to hide something, it is very likely that you will try to keep your facial expressions consistent to avoid accidentally revealing your inner secret, commonly known as poker face.

5. Increased eye blink frequency:
Too much blinking is most likely a sign of lying. In fact, people will lie when they are born, in order to achieve their purpose, fake crying, fake emotions, just to let parents pay attention and comfort care. Under high pressure, the blink speed of the eyes will increase; if the partner is found to blink more than usual, it is likely to be lying.

6. Annoyed and angry, inexplicably slammed against you:
Concealing secrets that cannot be said, most of him will feel guilty in his heart, so he often overreacts and lashes out at you,
Trying to make you feel that you are the wrongdoer to hide his dishonesty.

▲ If your partner explains or slams you inexplicably, pay special attention!

As the saying goes: ood people don't argue, but defensive people are not good, People who really have knowledge don't show off, people who show off how much they understand don't really have knowledge, Faithfulness is not beautiful , but good faith is not

Faithfulness is not beautiful, but good faith is not true: truth is always unpleasant. Most good words are not true.
Good people do n’t argue, but defensive people are not good: good people usually ca n’t say good things, and most people who can say good things are not good people.
People who really have knowledge do n’t show off, people who show off how much they understand do n’t really have knowledge:
There is no limit to learning. If you want to specialize, you can't have extensive knowledge.

The saint does not possess possession, but tries to take care of others, and he is more abundant; he tries to give others, but he is more abundant. The law of nature is to benefit all things without harming them:
The sage will not accumulate private property for himself. Because he understands that he will become richer by doing things for the benefit of others. Only by giving things to others and reciprocating will you have more.

The way of heaven can only bring benefits to human beings without harm. The way of saints only talks about dedication without asking for it.
(The way of heaven always benefits everything but does not harm everything. The way of the saint seeks for the welfare of people without competing for private gain.)

7. Wuhan COVID-19 (new coronary pneumonia) impact
When the number of overtime work has increased or more frequent business trips have occurred,
It is very likely that he was hiding something, so he used his work as an excuse,
This year 2020 (Year of the Rat): It is the year of most family and marital relations crisis. Men are unable to go out for an affair because of epidemic relations, or they are afraid that they will be interviewed by the real-name system because of the epidemic relationship. deterioration.

8. Poor grades or reduced intimacy when submitting homework:
Exclude boys masturbating and wet dream,
When he feels that his partner no longer has an intimate relationship with him, or his ‘sperm volume’ is not as good as in the past, it is very likely that he has already dedicated the "score" of the assignment to others.

9. Planned attention to his appearance in a short period of time:
Suddenly, people who had no requirements for themselves suddenly began to pay attention to appearance,
Actively start fitness, makeup, eyebrow tattoos, and even change the style, fashion and taste of wearing accessories. Pay special attention to the possibility that he may want to attract someone's attention or cater to the preferences of a lover.

10. Possess multiple mobile phones, spy disposable shoes, watches, mobile phones:
Excluding credit card information and security concerns, they will definitely set a mobile phone password. This is definitely a secret signal. Usually they do n’t speak much about mobile phones. Most of them use text messages to communicate, because they avoid leaving communication records. If he uses his mobile phone, he will remove the SIM card or throw away the standby device. Advanced users will use communication watches or disposable shoes to avoid being reversed.

Why do men and women want to peek at each other's mobile phone before and after interaction?

Kao Medical technologist bluntly: In fact, the vernacular is distrust, doubt, and insecurity.

Kao Medical technologist Reminder: Cracking someone else ’s mobile phone password may violate the criminal law
"Crime of obstructing secrets"

In accordance with the provisions of Article 315 of the Criminal Law, unsealing or concealing others' seals, letters, documents, pictures, or otherwise snooping the content is "Crime of obstructing secrets".
According to Article 358 of the Criminal Law, entering the password of another person ’s account without reason, cracking the protective measures for using the computer, or exploiting loopholes in the computer system, and intruding into another ’s computer or related electronic equipment are also within the scope of “Obstruction of computer crime”. The most severe sentence is imprisonment of less than three years.
Without the other party ’s consent, peeping at the other party ’s mobile phone, text message, or cracking the other party ’s mobile phone password or screen graphic lock will constitute a criminal offense, and this violation of privacy,
If the evidence is established, the other party may file a civil action in addition to criminal action to request compensation for damage infringement.

The sixth sense "extrasensory perception" (English ESP; extrasensory perception), Telepathy, Psychometry, also known as "heart perception", this ability can receive messages through channels other than normal senses, and can predict what will happen in the future

The sixth sense of humanity includes the following ten points:
1. The overlapping relationship between dream and reality.
2. Unfamiliar place, familiar scenery, similar to where I have seen it before.
3. Early perception of the state of action produced by people, things, time, place, and things.
4. Can make a premonition state correctly, the soul walks in the front, the body walks in the back.
5. Premonition results produced by the different sensations of the human body.
6. Before things happen, you can predict the final answer to the evolution of things, Kao Medical technologist said: jumping conclusions.
7. The final state of things can be known from the changing state of things.
8. According to the different energy response of the human body, we can predict the future changes in the situation.
9. This person has heard, seen, felt, touched, and eaten.
10. This person feels that someone behind and behind is always chasing and looking at himself.

The sixth sense predictive inference is the highest level of thinking, but then there is the seventh sense

Before and after the relationship between the man and the woman, if there is deceit, concealment, or betrayal, his behavior is traceable;

No.10 shared notes, cloud album
Many people use the shared note app "Evernote" to edit meeting items or class notes with their partners. But this app dedicated to notes is actually a new generation of affair artifact!
Artists Mars Ma and Wang Tong who went to court due to an affair last year
Just broke the news using Evernote cloud teaser, the two upload date photos and ticket stubs by setting a password. Compared to dating software, the note app seems harmless and will not be checked, making it easier to steal secrets.

No.9 IG-Click Likes, Friends and Collected Posts
How do you find out if your boyfriend used IG to press other beautiful girls, ex-girlfriends, and junior student likes? IG-Click Likes, although it will not appear on the wall of other people's pages, but your account has been recorded! There is an option in IG's settings that you like to post, you can also click on the collected post, and even add your best friends. Through interactive comparison, you can find some clues, or some frequent and strange accounts.

No.8 Add suspicious object with fake account
Some people may not know the mobile phone password of their boyfriends or girlfriends, so they will track some suspicious "potential affair" through fake accounts. The artist IRIS broke the news on the show that she once opened a fake account to track the suspected girl, but she really caught the evidence of her boyfriend's affair! Some netizens share tips. If you want to open a fake account, the object of the investigation is a girl, you need to add it with a fake account that looks like a boy. If the other party is a boy, the opposite is true.

No. 7 Carrier of E-invoice
Finding evidence from the invoice can be said to be the most commonly used method of catching from ancient times to the present! I bought a feminine item that was n’t given to you, a restaurant receipt at a strange time, and nothing happened. However, because of the high awareness of environmental protection and the convenience of awards, many people began to use "Carrier of E-invoice", which means that things that have been consumed can be seen on their mobile phones without turning their pockets and wallets one by one.

No.6 Google Map timeline, iPhone important position
The latest scary Catch an affair artifact is the "Your Timeline" feature in Google Maps! Before the media did not report, many people did not know that Google Maps will completely record every detail of where you have been, how long you have stayed, and transportation methods. In addition to Google Maps, the location service in the iPhone ’s privacy settings also has an "important location" that records the most frequently visited locations of mobile phone users in the near future.

No.5 LINE hidden list and chat room, who is blocked
LINE, which everyone uses, is of course the easiest tool for affair! It ’s just that there are many experienced drivers who have great skills. After chatting with their pretty sisters, they can hide the chat room, or directly hide the pretty sisters chat room and set a blockade. But open the settings in the LINE account> My friends, you can see the hidden list and block list options, click the chat to see the hidden chat room. Carefully compare whether the block list is suspicious, and you can also observe whether the blocker's poster has been changed to find out if your other half has unlocked and chatted with each other!

No.4 IG limited time dynamic
The characteristics of IG limited time dynamic itself are quite suitable for ambiguity. Because the reply is limited time dynamic, only the author will see it, and the article will disappear after 24 hours, which means that the friend who has been paying attention to the other party will only click in to read it. However, if you have the opportunity to "accidentally aim" at your boyfriend's IG page, you can observe who often sees, or see the order, the more the front representatives interact more often. In addition, if you want to see the suspicious object of the predecessor or suspected affair, you can also anonymously watch the limited time dynamic of others through software such as storiesig and secretly download it.

No.3 deleted or hidden apps
In order to stimulate, some people like to download dating software for sex, or start using less common social software to chat with affair. Some people use it or delete it before seeing their girlfriends, but if you are an iPhone user, I am afraid it is not so easy to cover up the footprint of the app. The App Store will have a green record of the previous purchase. Click on "Not on this iPhone" in the purchase record, you can see these apps that have been downloaded and deleted, and the date of download will also be displayed.

No.2 e-mail, newsletters
Checking e-mails and newsletters is the most direct method, although it may not necessarily directly see the ambiguous message, because it is too direct and obvious, it may be deleted. But e-mail or newsletters have another reference information, that is, reservations, order details on shopping websites, or shopping numbers. In addition, some credit card swipes will also send messages to inform you that if you booked a restaurant, hotel, or bought something to please the affair, you can also get it from these two places !

No.1 FB Search Click Likes Record
In fact, the fastest way to catch an affair is to check it from the social platform. Because the information of general communication software may be deleted. For example, in the Facebook account settings, there is an "activity record", where you can select the history of Click Likes, the friends you have added or deleted. If the other half does not have too many common friends with these newly added accounts, you can suspect that this account may be through the dating software, or do not know how to know outside.
If you do n’t have so much time to find it slowly, open the top magnifying glass search bar of FB, and it will display the names recently searched by this account. If some names appear frequently and are always searched at night, it may be necessary to observe carefully. Up ...