Thyroid detection

Thyroid examination cost
Thyroid screening






1000 Reservation test
Thyroid treatment
Recommended test items 1.TSH: abnormal thyroid function, palpitations, unstable body fat regulation

2.Free T3 : Toxic multinodular goiter

3.Free T4: Thyroid drug treatment tracking

4. Calcium

5. Phosphorus
1500 Reservation test
Anti-TPO Ab Hashimoto's thyroiditis, thyroid autoimmune disease 500 Reservation test
Thyroglobulin ↑:Thyroid differentiation tumor marker, thyroid hyperthyroidism 500 Reservation test

Chronic thyroiditis, thyroid treatment indicators,

Graves' disease, primary mucinous edema

500 Reservation test
Free T3

↑: Hyperthyroidism, abnormal protein binding

↓: Hypothyroidism, anorexia nervosa, chronic renal failure

600 Reservation test
Free T4 Abnormal protein binding, detection when symptoms do not match other thyroid tests 500 Reservation test
T3 Uptake Degree of saturation of thyroid hormone protein binding 500 Reservation test
Free T4 Index
↑: Hyperthyroidism, toxic goiter, renal syndrome, thyroid treatment
↓: Thyroid decline, thyroiditis, thyroid binding protein abnormalities, estrogen therapy
500 Reservation test
Parathyroid examination
Parathyroid function screening 200 Reservation test
EDTA/Ice bath
↑: Primary hypothyroidism, benign adenoma, malignant tumor,
Vitamin D deficiency, renal failure, obstructive hepatobiliary disease, hypocalcemia
↓:Autoimmune disease, iron deposit disease, magnesium deficiency, surgical resection
800 Reservation test
Full set of tests 1. Provide complete system analysis of thyroid and parathyroid
2. Report 4-5 days
3. No need for fasting
5000 Reservation test