Vegetarian lack of nutrition Test

Nutritional deficiency check for vegetarians

Vegetarian lack of nutrition Test

Complete blood count with differential and platelets to evaluate the immune system 300-CBC (Complete blood count with differential and platelets)

Complete biochemical analysis to assess metabolism 2000-CMP (Comprehensive Metabolic Panel)

Complete blood lipid analysis to assess fat metabolism 500-Lipid Panel

Body inflammation analysis to evaluate cell inflammation 200-HS-CRP (high-sensitivity C-reactive protein)

Thyroxine analysis to assess gland function 400-TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone)

Early diabetes analysis to assess the internal sugar concentration 300-Hemoglobin A1C

Vitamin analysis to evaluate the concentration of B-12 500-Vitamin B12
Lipolysin analysis, evaluation of D-3 concentration 1000-Vitamin D3 (25 Hydroxy D)

Cardiovascular analysis, assessment of the cardiac system 1000-Homocysteine
Life element analysis, assessment of total zinc concentration 1500-Zinc

Iron content analysis and assessment of iron inventory 500-Iron

Folic acid content analysis, evaluation of neural tube 500-Folate

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Complete inspection fee 8000NTD, report 7 days

Other vegetarians check

1. Vegetarians-Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid Analysis Omega 3&6: 3000NTD

2. Vegetarians-Intestinal bacteria balance analysis: 6000NTD

3. Vegetarians-Alcohol metabolism & hangover ability analysis: 3000NTD

4. Vegetarians-Longevity and Anti-aging-Growth Reduction Factor Analysis: 3000NTD

5. Vegetarians-Analysis of obesity and underweight factors: 8000NTD

6. Vegetarians-factor analysis of psychological stress resistance: 8000NTD

7. Vegetarians-Alzheimer's disease tendency analysis: 3000NTD

8. Vegetarians-allergen analysis: 9600NTD

Taiwan’s vegetarian population is about 3 million, and vegetarian diets are mainly based on plant foods such as fruits, vegetables, beans, grains, seeds, and nuts. The number of young people in Europe and the United States who are vegetarians has gradually increased in the past five years, except for Physical health is more important than environmental issues, so it is more known as "environmental protection." In addition, in Taiwan’s elementary and secondary schools, there is a so-called "Monday Meatless Day" every week, which may also be set in consideration of the fact that students will eat out with their families during holidays.

Every November 25th is designated as "International Vegetarian Day", which mainly advocates that people should eat more vegetarian food, eat less meat food, and take advantage of the benefits of vegetarian food to promote human health and avoid diseases.

Whether you are a vegan, egg-vegetable, lacto-vegetable, ovo-lacto-vegetable, phytopentacin, or healthy vegetarian.

kao Medical technologist recommends: Whether you are "Before being a vegetarian" or "being a vegetarian", you should undergo a complete vegetarian nutritional deficiency check, and discuss the abnormal part of the data with your doctor or dietitian based on the report. Nutrients should be enhanced or supplemented. Adjust the ratio.

Vegetarian benefits

1. Weight loss, maintain standard weight

2. Changes in intestinal flora

3. Decreased risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer

4. Reduce metabolic diseases

5. Immune system regulation

6. Smoother skin

7. Blood lipids and blood pressure drop

8. Regulation of pH in the body

9. Improve physical fitness and endurance

10. Nervous system stability

Being a vegetarian is a way of showing a mentality in order to fulfill a wish

Being vegetarian is a kind of compassion for all beings

Being vegetarian is a manifestation of health for the body

The Buddha said: "The carnivorous one will cut off the great kindness."

kao Medical technologist: Fearless and don't give, blessing comes from it, and happiness comes from suffering.

The following is kao Medical technologist- vegetarian meal sharing

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Complete inspection fee 8000NTD, report 7 days