20 obvious signs after Taiwanese women have a secret love affair

1. Changes in life and work, and a relatively conservative view of time
Observe your daily routine and record your time out and home. Note: they will not spy, only observe.
2. Sexual life quality and frequency decrease simultaneously
Like doing homework, passion and enthusiasm disappear
3, look calm when answering the phone, or even pick up the phone
They understand the stakes in evidence preservation in law
4, the real high-end mobile phone will not be locked, LINE will not lock
The low-end and low-end players are locked, and the master is not afraid. Remember: people are snooping.
5, she usually has a one-time mobile phone or more than two mobile phones, in addition to the usual use of public storage boxes, public phones.
6, a woman having a secret love affair costs will not necessarily increase, or even reduce
Because there are overseas accounts or use of others to pay for third parties, it is usually the object of a woman having a secret love affair to pay for the hotel.
7, the field balance
Changed to prefer to learn or delve into new things, her ability to learn is not weak, she is more capable in other fields.
8, emotional abnormalities, like self-deprecating because of menstruation or menopause
They have already thought of excuses and arguments, such as medical terminology such as premenstrual syndrome.
Even looking for relatives and female friends to help solve the problem.
9. Prepare for divorce
Start discussing the topic of investment, insurance and public welfare funds, and never talk about children.
10, wearing or changing makeup habits
This high-level person is not easy to change, only a few low-end people will change.
11. Increase in club activities
The focus is on how to use reasonable gap time
12, eyes are empty or the eyes drifting in conversation
Women have a sixth sense and even a seventh sense. You also believe in this kind of random talk.
Yes, the ghost is going to rat someone out. But don't forget the man's intuitive reaction. Three spiritual and seven physical souls are based.
13, memory loss
Just as male thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers came out, the spirit was lost. Memory in decline.
14, relatives and feelings away
Have you heard of it,
Never seen for a long time. Everyone has changed! Heart and soul are no longer applicable.
15, the hiding of tears
As long as people are crying, there is no tears, it means that the true feelings are not revealed, and they are ruthless.
16, switch the conversation to another subje
Often shift the topic, not letting you have guidance or association
17. Family day reduction
Your invitation has become so difficult, the number of meals between husband and wife may drop
18. Transfer of decision-making power
Less opinion about the events that need to make decisions in life
19. Increase in the number of medical treatments
Sexually transmitted diseases cause inflammation of them
Never go to the urology department or obstetrics and gynaecology, because it will make you associate.
The high-level person will choose to go to a general clinic, a private pharmacy or a general pharmacy.
It is usually caused by staying up late, poor sleep quality, drinking too little water, sitting too long and urinating, sea water, swimming pool, micro-warming water source micro-infection, eating and stimulating food on the diet, causing inflammation, as a topic closing action.
20, the worst plan for reputation or life

Usually have antisocial personality or give up life,
All come to an end idea

21, other signs welcome everyone to discuss