Homewrecker. Mistress? The other Man or woman ?

1. When the other half has more than 2 mobile phones, and the mobile phone starts to set a password, especially LINE.. and other dating software, it is necessary to pay attention.

2. When the other half begins to increase the frequency of exercise, especially when it has not been exercised in the past, you should also pay attention to it.

3. Early and late return, overtime frequency increased, there are a bunch of excuses and reasons

4. Behavior or whereabouts begins to be weird or unclear, twisting and pinching. It is recommended to listen to his words and observe his actions.

5. Unclear newsletter, unwilling to disclose the content of the message, especially some code-named words, such as whether to eat seafood, dumplings....

6. Telephone rate increase and number of hotline groups increased

7. Start to avoid, unknown person title and code when the phone is

8. Unwilling to go out or travel together

9. Reduced libido, less semen volume, unwilling to engage in sexual behavior, and began to use condoms without wearing a condom habit

10. The other half are not willing to disclose what physical examinations have been made, because they may find themselves infected with sexually transmitted diseases!!!

11. Consumption records began to increase, and there is no consumption record, and are not willing to provide invoices or electronic details.

12. Wallets, pockets, cars/locomotives, items that have never appeared

13. Start with unspecified support (blood feeding) or belief

14. Communication software settings are hidden, often not read back

15. Meet or hear unusual human things with your own eyes

16. All communication records such as mobile phones and networks are deleted, and all communication records are encrypted.

17. There is no garbage track, only willing to go out to eat, not willing to share the table with family or friends.

18. Personality and living habits suddenly began to have some subtle changes.

19. Start keeping distance

20. Suddenly there is huge insurance and career planning

21. Unidentified scent, bite marks or marks appear on the body

22. Unwilling to provide bank account book, seal, credit card

23. Wallets, backpacks, and pencil cases have condoms. Lies are for security and fortune.

24. The driving recorder suddenly disappeared.

25. Start to dislike: Money is earned by me, even asking for a reduction in the children’s mutual education fund and insurance costs.

26. Consumption will always use cash, and will not take the initiative to request an invoice or even drop the invoice or donate it to the invoice donation box.

27. Other behaviors are welcome to add to the discussion. Please tell kao medical examiner.
Account number: kenkenupup

Kao medical examiner cautions:

1. Sexually transmitted diseases are also medically funded, and will not be provided to third parties for knowledge unless they are authorized by the examinee or required by the judiciary. Including your own family and even a partner.

2. Many times when you think that hiding is very secret, you will not be noticed, you are wrong, you need to know that you will think, but others will think more than you!! Many things or behaviors have their own trajectory to follow.

3. Murphy's Law

"Anything that can go wrong will definitely go wrong." It refers to any event. As long as it has a probability of greater than zero, it cannot be determined that it will not happen.

4. When the free app and the free sex network are so popular, is your male or female hormone stable? Or can't help but decide to feel comfortable first, just to solve each other's physiological needs, why care?

5. Drugs must not be careless, avoiding cigarettes or free drinks given by strangers, may have harmed you for a lifetime.

Is there a sense of guilt? Is your morality and loyalty enough?

If you are worried about fear, if you are afraid of the family revolution. Welcome to come to me.

Find the problem, solve the problem, and start over.

Will the protagonist in the story be me? Have you ever thought about admitting it after stealing? You are the plaque in your family's mind! Good sir! Good wife?

There are only 23 million people in Taiwan, and the number of infected people has reached nearly 40,000!!

You may not know the behaviors that you should not do on business trips, such as: calling chicken, duck, drinking tea, eating fish, nightclub corpses, hotels, massage shops, bathing in Thailand, washing feet, APP online free sex, sex consumption Unsafe sex such as sexual entertainment or non-fixed partner scams may infect all sexually transmitted diseases!

I think you have to repair this class of sexually transmitted diseases. In a word, the most expensive money-free, there is no white lunch in the world.

If you have a set of sluts, a set of anal sex or a set of oral sex between the same sex,

Congratulations! You are the candidate!

Occupational risks in special industries should also be noted! The problem of urinary tract, vaginitis and infertility is also very troublesome!!!

Do you think you are sorry for your family? Do you know that many infected people are good women? Do you know that many prostate problems and causes of infertility are related to sexually transmitted diseases?

Children are innocent. Do you think this is right? The eight-point serial paternity test is not a fake. This is a social case that is being performed every day.

Maybe the children who have raised their own for decades are not their own, so what is it!

If the tooth is broken, it can be implanted. If you are sick, you can take an injection and take medicine. How much risk are you willing to take with a condom and a lifetime medicine!

When you think about it seriously, do you think it is more important than HIV infection? If you don’t think about it, please think about it for your parents and children!!!

Currently only treatment control can not be cured.

That's right! The disease does not take medicine is death. At least 6 people are infected with HIV every day in Taiwan. In 2019, there were a bunch of dead pigs, and the latest death toll in Taiwan has exceeded 6,374.

Think twice, don't feel how it might be me and be lucky, I think you have to be responsible for the mistakes you have made.

If you have a sense of guilt, it is a confession to check it out!

If you have dangerous behavior, please check regularly.

1. HIV-RT PCR: 7-10 days after exposure can be measured 
2. FTA-Abs: Early syphilis test 
3. HSVI/II IgM: Acute rash infection 
4. Chlamydia: Early detection of chlamydia infections 
5. Gonorrhea: early gonococcal examination 
6. HPV: cauliflower human papillomavirus genotyping 
7. Ureplasma urealyticum: Ureaplasma urealyticum 
8. Mycoplasma genita: genital tract bacteria 
9. Candida albicans. Mold 
10. Trichomonas 
11.GBS Streptococcus B 
12. If there is contact in the oral cavity → Check that there is no charge, please inform kao medical examiner at the on-site inspection!
13. Hepatitis A virus
14. Hepatitis B virus
15. Hepatitis C virus
16. Kissing EBV virus
17. Typhoid fever, paratyphoid infection
18. General bacterial infection
Protect yourself and avoid spreading to your loved ones.
Inspection fee: 15000 NTD
I want to check the early treatment anonymously.
AIDS syphilis pseudo-positive case sharing
Anonymous drug protection network
Driving route arrangement
traffic control:

1. Walk: Please go to the fifth section of Minsheng East Road and walk along the right side of Watsons.
2. Riding a bicycle/locomotive/or driving: Go to the opposite side of the post office/McDonald's to find a parking space
3. Take the MRT /
  Zhongshan Guozhong Station transfer bus 225/63
Get off at Xindongjie Station
 Minquan West Road Station transfer bus 225/63
Get off at Xindongjie Station
Fuxing Zhongxiao Station to transfer bus 262
Get off at Xindongjie Station
City transfer station to bus blue 10
Get off at Xindongjie Station
101/World Trade Center transfer bus 612
Get off at Xindongjie Station
Line Tiangong Station transfer bus 63/or 225
Get off at Xindongjie Station
 The nearest MRT station---Nanjing Sanmin Station Exit 1 - can ride U-Bike--take Sanmin Road---over the ring---Minsheng East Road
4. By train: Take the Songshan Railway Station and transfer to Bus No. 518
Get off at Xindongjie Station
5. Take the high-speed rail: You can take the bus to Taipei Station, transfer bus 0 East / 262 / 63 / 518
Get off at Xindongjie Station
6. Take the plane: Please take the taxi to the Songshan International Airport Station and take the taxi to No. 218, Section 5, Minsheng East Road.
7. By boat: Take the boat to Keelung Port, transfer to Songshan Railway Station, take bus No. 63/518 and get off at Xindong Street Station.
From Yilan:
Snow Tunnel→North Second Expressway→Under the Nangang Interchange→Huandong Expressway→Nanjing East Road to the Interchange→Sanmin Road→Minsheng East Road
Keelung and Xizhi Dist:
Neihu Interchange → Minquan Bridge → Minquan East Road → Sanmin Road → Minsheng East Road
Taichung to the north:
1. Zhongshan Expressway/Xizhi Elevated Road → Binjiang Interchange → Tayou Road → Fuyuan Street → Minsheng East Road

English learning
Mistress,He/She has an affair.
The Other Woman  Mistress 

The Other Man  Home-wrecker


He/She has an affair. 

I think he had the other woman.

She is a home-wrecker.