Bald hair loss check.

Save the bald hair and fight
Pull test abnormality
Causing active hair loss

Kao Medical Technologist recommends that the inspection items be as follows

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Iron deficiency anemia <hair loss ranked first>
Thyroid dysfunction
Syphilis infection <infectious hair loss>
Hormonal disorder <stress hair loss>
Autoimmune abnormalities <allergic hair loss>
Nutrient deficiency <fat-soluble vitamins, folic acid, zinc deficiency>
Is diet and life behavior abnormal?

stay up late
Eat late at night habit
Like to eat sweet and spicy
Seasoning pepper, soy sauce, vinegar overdose
Excessive intake of wheat gluten-containing ingredients
No aerobic exercise habits <Daily exercise hours less than 30 minutes, heart rate can not be maintained to 130 per minute>
Drug side effects

Cancer medication
Hormonal, autoimmune drugs
Biological injection
Antibiotic anti-inflammatory drugs
Other orphan drugs
Environmental and genetic factors

Temperature and Humidity <Taiwan Island Type High Temperature and High Humidity Climate>
Radiation electromagnetic pollution <Some industrial areas & areas with high wireless low frequency coverage>
Water, air heavy metal pollution <mercury, arsenic, lead, antimony, antimony, PM 2.5, harmful...etc.
Hereditary M-type baldness, round baldness <androgen receptor (AR) X chromosome abnormalities>
Kao dietitian recommends supplementing key nutrients as follows

Nano paste phospholipid : stable cell membrane
Nano paste Vitamin C : Helps iron absorption
Zinc: Reduces the inflammation of hair follicles
Calcium : Maintains normal immune system and hormonal stability

Phycoerythrin: Improves the acidity of hair follicles and tends to be stable

Booking   Bald hair loss check.