Ketogenic Diet Examination

Usually ketogenic diet Excessive 3-6 months, the body will have uncomfortable conditions, such as hypoglycemia, high blood ketone, hyperlipidemia, heart load, The inflammatory index increased. Examination of the thyroid & heart in the complete ketogenic diet is more likely to confirm the body's ketogenic response and ketogenic  performance.

Please monitor your body fat regularly (BMI-Body Mass Index)
Is there a willpower and a good mentality to start to implement a ketogenic diet, usually want to perform a ketogenic diet, usually:

1.Very personal opinion
2. People who like to see results
3. Light mature women who like to read books
4. For those who want to maintain high standards for body, posture and physical fitness
5. Only the best, no better, others are thin, I am thinner than others, others are beautiful, I am more beautiful than others, others are thin, I have to be thinner than other people, the loser does not lose
For example: a friend or online beauty, online celebrities, and network guys are successful, I have to learn them as they are, but I don’t know how to prepare beforehand, three minutes of heat.
The final ketone effect, I think it is definitely not as expected.
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In general, ketones are divided into
Initial rise
2. Stable mid-term
3. Ketone phase

kao Medical technologist, kao nutritionist, kao chef has called for the implementation of the ketogenic diet to increase muscle fat loss when friends to a certain extent, and ultimately to return to a balanced diet principles.
Can refer to the latest version of the kao dietitian - daily diet guide manual - as a benchmark

The goal we examined was to expect high total cholesterol levels, but the high HDL density was >50 mg/dl, while the low-density lipoprotein LDL should be less than 130 mg/dl. In addition, the heart and thyroid inflammatory index were normal, and then the ketogenic index: Up to 3-4 + signs

Kao Medical technologist . It is believed that under the correct guidance of the fitness instructor, moderate weight-bearing, resistance training and aerobic courses can maintain the posture and assist the ketogenic diet to perform more efficiently. The boys seem to be more energetic and the girls will look more beautiful~

Common inspection data analysis

1. Urine ketone or blood ketone is normal, which means that the ketogenic diet is invalid, please discuss diet behavior with dietitian or fitness instructor.
2. The cholesterol index is normal, which means that the meat intake is insufficient. Please increase the total number of protein.
3. Bad cholesterol is high, which means that the intake of good oil is insufficient or the life schedule is not good. Please fix it quickly.
4. The blood sugar is too low, people are more likely to be tired, and no spirit is recommended to increase the intake of 30% of the original starch.
5. A cold or gastroenteritis causes an inflammatory index to be high, which may lead to misjudgment of heart or muscle inflammation.

Other precautions should be followed as well as dietary principles

1.Take Food quartering
2. Order of eating: water > soup > protein > vegetables > starch
→ The machine turns to increase the stomach volume, control the satiety center, increase the enzyme conversion rate, and inhibit the rate of glucose increase.
3. Fruit can be eaten or eaten between meals and meals, avoiding fruit or dessert after meals
4. Increase the number of chewing and reduce the eating rate
5. Aerobic, re-training Before and after, it is advisable to add water, electrolyzed water or banana. Special conditions can supplement vitamin B group, creatine, amino acid, taurine but ask your doctor or dietitian or fitness instructor before use.

6. It is not advisable to eat bananas immediately after aerobic or heavy training. The reason is that high potassium content in bananas may cause electrolyte imbalance and affect gastrointestinal function and cause diarrhea. Be careful with people with heart problems or kidney problems!

7. After 30 minutes of exercise, you should add low-sugar or micro-sweet soy milk. Kao dietitian does not recommend drinking sugar-free soy milk after exercise.
The reason is that when water loss > hepatic glucose metabolism > body fat metabolism, a little sugar is needed as an energy source. ATP helps to restore hypoglycemia after exercise and improve post-exercise fatigue, and pay attention to your blood pressure and pulse monitoring.

8. Remember to do stretching daily to help creatine and lactic acid metabolism, when the muscle fibers are destroyed, it can help deep muscle fatigue recovery!

9. The total daily water intake should be based on your own weight X 30-35. It can be divided into: morning - afternoon - evening supplement, water and electrolyte supplement for laborers and professional athletes should be increased.

10. Middle-aged and elderly patients with high blood pressure and nocturnal urinary problems should be supplemented with 100-200 cc warm water to reduce blood viscosity and maintain blood vessel health. When waking up in the morning, you should replenish 200-300 cc warm water. Stimulate the positional reflex of the intestinal nerve and help the intestinal peristalsis, can improve the bowel movement awareness and bowel obedience, other should avoid swearing fart and urine, should respect any physiological awareness of the human body, such as convenience.

11. Calcium supplementation, sun exposure, outdoor activities and Omega-3 fatty acid supplementation are also important

Low sugar ketogenic diet basic examination ------

This test recommends "pre-keto-ketone" & "initial ketamine rise" test, giving priority to confirming the state of the body when it is not yet ketogenic

Cost 2500NTD

Online booking detection

Report 2-4 days

The first time to check for abnormal urinary ketones - can enjoy the second review - blood ketone advanced detection service -
Blood ketone advanced testing service standard, urinary ketone up to 3+ or 4+ provides detection
2+ below represents ketogenic failure, and blood ketone detection is relatively meaningless.

Low sugar ketogenic diet detailed and complete examination

This inspection suggestion ---

1. The ketogenic diet is stable in the middle
2. The complete phase of ketogenic diet

The first time to check for abnormal urinary ketones - can enjoy the second review - blood ketone advanced detection service -

Blood ketone advanced testing service standard, urinary ketone up to 3+ or 4+ provides detection
2+ below represents ketogenic failure, and blood ketone detection is relatively meaningless.

Absolutely 8 hours on an empty stomach

Report 3-5 days

Cost 4000NTD

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