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Clinical significance

The fitness network famous coach "muscle-daddy" is a fitness instructor, bodybuilder, writer, and is often invited by many variety shows, and his wife "muscle-mother" often shares fitness information. However, during the recent Mid-Autumn Festival, the "muscle-mother" network published an article revealing that the 37-year-old muscle-dad suddenly fell ill last week, lived in the intensive care unit, and quickly found a stroke after being sent to the hospital. According to the doctor, it is often the case that a younger type of stroke is congenitally abnormal. It is best to prevent it from understanding your family history and reducing bad habits. (News comprehensive report)

Stroke is a disease well known to the Chinese people. According to the statistics of the top ten causes of death of the Chinese people in the 104 years of the Ministry of Health and Welfare, cerebrovascular disease ranks third among the top 10 causes of death among Chinese people. On average, one person died of stroke in every 47 minutes. Middle-aged and elderly people aged 60 to 79 are the age group with the highest incidence of stroke
(And muscle-Dad is 37 years old, it can be seen that the age group has a downward trend, have to be careful)

Cerebral hemorrhage, also known as hemorrhagic stroke, can be divided into three categories: ischemic stroke (cerebral infarction), hemorrhagic stroke (cerebral hemorrhage) and subarachnoid hemorrhage. Among them, 72% were ischemic stroke, 23% were hemorrhagic stroke, and 5% were subarachnoid hemorrhage.

Muscle-mother sent an article on Facebook,
Muscle - Dad sent his child to school last week, and returned home to have a stroke while sleeping. Fortunately, he was fine after he was sent to the hospital for emergency treatment. Muscle-Mom said that both of them have long-term exercise and self-righteousness and health, but the reason that muscle-dad will have a stroke at 37 is because of "coagulopathy in family history."

After examination, it was found that "muscle-dad" has standard blood lipids, cholesterol, blood pressure and visceral fat, but neglected the family history. Because of the family history, "muscle-dad" has coagulation function and is easy to clotting; Taking medicine to control the cerebral vascular fluency, her husband’s relatives died of two strokes, and even one was only in their 20s.

Usually a stroke of 45 years or younger is a young stroke. Young type of stroke and vascular congenital abnormalities, congenital clotting factor diseases, or immune diseases. The prevention method is to understand the "family history".

If there are sudden invisible eyes, coma, slurred speech, and even half-bend symptoms, it is necessary to note that this may be a warning of the possibility of stroke, and you should seek medical attention as soon as possible. In addition, some people wake up after a short coma, but also pay more attention to this will be a precursor to "serious stroke", don't be lucky enough to think it's okay.

They think that exercise, physical strength, health check is fine, they often stay up late, work and rest, plus lack of sleep.
I often work in the middle of the night without sleeping and sleep very little. Normally, I go to bed at three o'clock in the middle of the night, get up at six o'clock, go back to sleep, and sleep less than six hours a day.
In this way, overwork and family illness, let him have a 37-year-old stroke,

Now muscle-Daddy has also started the path of rehabilitation. Because of the good quality of the body, the recovery speed is also fast. They also started to go to bed early because of this. They value healthy life, not only health appearance, but also life habits. (News comprehensive report)

Kao Medical Technologist has a celebrity for the fitness network - muscles - Dad's stroke is recommended as follows:
1. Develop regular health check habits

2. Treatment, control, and regular follow-up of abnormal items

3. Sleep for 8 hours a day, and go to bed before 11pm.

4. Pay attention to whether the quality of sleep is good

5. Taiwan's latest national nutrition survey found that more than 90% of Chinese people are generally deficient in calcium, and calcium is an important stabilizing factor for maintaining vascular elasticity and blood coagulation. Calcium supplementation is especially important.

6. Fat-soluble vitamin D is an important driver of calcium synthesis and absorption utilization, and more than 90% of Chinese people are seriously deficient.

(more than 80% of fitness people lack)

7. Investigate whether the family has a history of heart, blood clotting or vascular disease, and should inform the physician when visiting the doctor.

8. Avoid excessive high oxygen consumption exercise, anaerobic exercise is excessively alternating, there may be excessive ventilation or oxygen debt compensation.

9. If you have physical discomfort during fitness, please inform the on-site supervisor or medical staff immediately to grasp the golden treatment time.

10. If you have a family history, you can ask your cardiologist to prepare a prescription for emergency medicine.
"Nylon, Nitroglycerin (NTG) or Nitric Oxide NO

Kao Medical Technologist Life Reminder:

1. After long-term observation by kao Medical Technologist for many years, many gymnasts have high sexual activity. After completing physical training, avoid going home and then paying extra homework. When men's muscle fibers are destroyed,
At this time, creatine and lactic acid accumulate muscle soreness and fatigue. At this time, rest, repair, nursed back to health, high protein, and other nutritional supplements are needed.

2. After men's fitness (leg push, squat, Roman hard), it will consume a lot of male hormones, especially testin. If it is supplemented with high protein diet such as chicken, arginine and testosterone will quickly replenish from low value. To a high value, it is not impossible to achieve "hard as a stone", and even some fitness people will have pain in the morning because of the erection time in the morning, which is often heard.

3. Avoid <23 pm to 1 am> Sexual behavior. At this time, the liver needs the most rest time. It is easy to cause fatigue after getting up the next day. Some people even say that the liver is burning and the face is yellow, bad breath, dark brown color. Another reason for fatigue is "zinc loss".
Every time a man shoots a sperm, the c.c number is about 2-5 ml, and the zinc consumes about 200-500 mg. The fatigue depends on whether the nutrition is insufficient and uneven, and whether the amount of water is sufficient and whether there is indulgence.

4. The effect of zinc on the human body

Scientific research shows that zinc is a component of more than 200 enzymes in the human body. It is directly involved in the synthesis of nucleic acids, proteins, cell differentiation and proliferation, and many important metabolisms. There are also some enzymes in the human body that require the activation of zinc to exert their active effects.
Zinc is an essential substance in important physiological processes such as growth and development, reproductive inheritance, immunity, and endocrine. When the total amount of zinc in the human body is reduced, it will cause damage to immune tissues and impaired immune function. Therefore, zinc is called "life." Flower" or ''life element''

The main functions are as follows:
A. Promote children's intellectual development. Children with zinc deficiency have mental retardation,
B, accelerate the growth and development of adolescents. Zinc is involved in the synthesis of hormones that are closely related to body development, so it has special nutritional value for adolescents in development.

C. Maintain and promote vision development. The zinc content in the human eye is higher, and the zinc content in the retina and choroid is the highest in the eye. Zinc is involved in the composition of the vitamin A reductase in the liver and in the body. This enzyme is a key enzyme that dominates the synthesis and allosteric properties of the visual (retinal). Therefore, zinc deficiency will affect the ability of vision and dark adaptation. So everyone knows why Taiwanese men generally have bad eyes?

D, affecting taste, appetite, and degree of wound healing

E. It is related to male fertility. The trace elements related to fertility are mainly zinc, copper, selenium, manganese, magnesium and the like. Among these trace elements, zinc deficiency is most common. When zinc is insufficient, the pituitary gland is affected, and the secretion of gonadotropin is reduced, which may cause gonadal dysplasia or impair the endocrine function of the gonad.

5. How long is ejaculation once more normal, taking 20-year-old male as an example
That is "2*9=18", the tens digit is the week, the single digit is the number of times, so it is 8 times a week; the male in the 30s is "3*9=27", then it is 7 times a week. So there will be a saying that men are physically infinite, but their energy is limited.
6. Safer Behavior and Avoid excessive SY (Masterbation) to prevent aseptic prostatitis.

7. Emotions are good, smile every day, avoid stress in life, find a lifestyle that is decompression or stress reduction

8. Suggested daily intake of nutritional supplements. Please consult a physician or dietitian. The original balanced diet and moderate exercise are the way to health.

9. Moderate drinking, avoid alcohol abuse, avoid excessive intake of saturated fatty acids, daily caffeine intake does not exceed 300 mg

10. Health check items can increase cardiac ultrasound, cervical artery ultrasound, angiography

Angiography: Or arterial photography, angiography, is a medical imaging technique that uses x-rays to illuminate the interior of a human body to observe the distribution of blood vessels, including arteries, veins, or the atria. Egas Moniz, a Portuguese physician and neuroscientist (the winner of the Nobel Prize in 1949), developed a vascular imaging of the brain using a developer to diagnose some neurological diseases, such as tumors and arteriovenous malformations, in 1927. He is considered to be One of the pioneers in this field.

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Clinical significance