Seven Symptoms of Drug Exposure

Seven Symptoms of Drug Exposure-Drugs will be transformed, and comprehensive prevention and rejection of drug hazards!
Recently, news of common star poisoning incidents broke out today (2018/9/25) in the midday news. This person was also an idol singer when he was young, and he took drugs because of stress.
He hopes that the transient pleasure brought about by drugs can help him relieve stress. This kind of behavior and choice is really silly, drug addiction is definitely not a good option to release pressure pipes!

The spread of drugs in the 21st century is no longer a new thing, but these drugs have already advanced into snacks, sweets, and beverages, and the traces have spread to the pure campus, leaving the future masters of our country in an environment full of dangerous temptations. In the meantime, as a parent, parent, or teacher, you should understand this situation, and you must also understand how to be cautious!

Emerging drugs are constantly being introduced, and it is difficult for ordinary people to identify them, and they may have swallowed them without knowing it. According to many news reports, the spread of drugs on campus is beyond imagination. Students can use drugs or kidnapping to let drugs flow through the school. Once students are addicted, they are easily fascinated by using drugs to escape real life or as a way to relieve stress Or, in order to stay up late to study hard and get better grades, the misuse of drugs to help refresh is one of hundreds of reasons.

The following pictures are not the packaging of genuine candy drinks,
All are disguised as drugs!

Parents must be patient and communicate with their children, and never try to lure them to eat. If there is any misuse or doubt, the best way is to immediately go to the Minsheng Medical Laboratory for drug screening to confirm whether the child has been infected! ?

In recent years, new drug abuses have taken place. In order to lure young people to take drugs, drug dealers have tried their best to pack the drugs into snacks or beverages such as candy, biscuits, coffee, milk tea and other brands that young people like. The so-called emerging drugs are relatively low prices, low production costs, high profits, more and more medicinal, fast efficacy, and easy production. Just like unhealthy foods, they are extracted and manufactured using chemicals, but after eating, they will It causes irreversible permanent brain damage and even death for young people, so their physical and mental harm is very immediate and vicious!

There are also drug-making groups that disguise drugs as well-known brands of chocolate and invade the campus. The ingredients include not only ecstasy and ketamine, but also the drug FM2 known as "rape pill", which may harm female students.

There are 7 signs that your child may be "infected":

1. Changes in work and rest, day and night upside down, often sleepy and difficult to wake up
2. Loss of appetite, sudden weight loss
3. Trance, dull eyes, loose eyes, jump stitch
4. Abnormal joy and anger, great changes in mood
5. Pocket money runs out quickly, and costs become larger
6. Sudden smoking, using fragrance (perfume)
7. Plastic smell similar to wire fire

The police and education units reminded that as long as the child’s words and deeds are abnormal, it is suspicious,
Parents should not ignore all kinds of "weird" signs, they must think of:
Has my child been infected? -→Please calm down first and take your child to Minsheng Medical Laboratory for drug screening immediately!

Minsheng Medical Laboratory is a qualified "drug prevention and testing agency"
Gao Yukai Medical Technologist has extensive experience in drug control. If you take your child to the test, the rich experience and patience of kao Medical Technologist can also help you to guide your child on the right track.

Drug testing can be done anonymously, with personal protection,
Please rest assured that your child will not have a bad record,
In addition, you can register in advance online to reserve time slots, without having to queue up with others, and will not make your child feel embarrassed.

Parents are asked to replace scolding with patient and good communication, and guide children to face healthy screenings, which is the best protection for themselves
◎Drug testing items include: urine and hair
◎Drug testing scope includes: level 1, level 2, level 3, level 4 drugs