Jolin Tsai appeals to "screening for i" if you love yourself

Jolin Tsai appeals to "screening for i" if you love yourself "regardless of gender or sexual orientation"

Beautiful and romantic love is what most people yearn for. Since ancient times, a large number of literary works, artistic works, and film and television works will resonate with the theme of describing love.

But recently, an uncomfortable term has appeared in the love circle called "terrorist lover." This term represents people who do not only horrible behaviors in words and deeds, such as: stalking, sneak shots , Violence, abuse... etc. What is more cautious is to invade or conceal medical history! Especially concealing AIDS is the most terrible and evil!

The Taiwan Care Foundation, a consortium legal person, announced the latest 2017 "Love Yourself, Sexual History Survey" to investigate 1,110 men and women with sexual experience from 18 to 35 years old in Taiwan.
The results showed that up to 75.2% of the respondents did not use condoms during sex, and 41.1% chose to "underreport" the number of past sexual activities when they were asked by their partner. Further investigation revealed that the general public is not sufficiently aware of AIDS screening. 75.1% of the respondents have never been screened, and more than 50% believe that “fixed sex partners do not need to be screened”. In response, Dr. Hsi-Hsun Lin, Chairman of the Taiwan AIDS Society, emphasized: "Regardless of the number of people who have sex, or whether they have a fixed sexual partner, as long as the condom is not used throughout, they should be screened for AIDS as soon as possible."

There is no so-called risk group, only AIDS risk behavior!

The main reason why people don't use condoms and they have never had an AIDS screening test is "they don't need it because they have a fixed sex partner." However, more than 80% of people use condoms because of "contraception"!

It can be found that the "condom" should be renamed condom,
It should not only be called a contraceptive tool in a narrow sense, and the people misunderstand that the purpose of wearing a condom is only for contraception. In fact, there is a broader meaning to protect yourself from being exposed to the risk of infection!

For couples who cannot actually use condoms, it is recommended that both parties should accept the "screening for i-Love myself" as soon as possible, and receive preventive medication at the appropriate time to reduce the risk of AIDS infection and add regrets to romantic love!

Nicole Yang, the founder of Care Home, who has been committed to AIDS prevention and care for a long time, said that after years of hard work, the number of AIDS babies in Taiwan has been greatly reduced. At the same time, she also emphasized that there are no so-called AIDS-risk groups. "AIDS-risk behaviors" are the main cause of AIDS. We should not label specific ethnic groups and stigmatize them. Only let the public understand the routes of infection and be screened. , Face up to the problem of long-term photos of AIDS-infected people, only in this generation can end the spread of AIDS.

In response to the people’s doubts about the burden of AIDS medical care, Dr. Hsi-Hsun Lin said that if people receive AIDS screening regularly, early detection and treatment, and a friendly environment for the infected to receive treatment and control their illness, they can effectively reduce love. The risk of infection will greatly reduce future medical expenditures.

Entertainer Jolin Tsai calls for “screening for i” if you love yourself regardless of gender or sexual orientation

This year, the organizers of the AIDS Society, AIDS Nursing Society, and Care Home, in order to strengthen young people’s awareness and participation in AIDS prevention and treatment, specially invited well-known artist Jolin Tsai, who has long advocated love and equality, as the ambassador of the 2017 "I Screen" , Shooting "Before Love, Screening for i" public welfare advocacy film, emphasizing that love is the same, hoping that people regardless of gender and sexual orientation can face AIDS screening with a healthy attitude.

Be the i Screening Ambassador-Jolin Tsai Appeal
"Screening for i" can protect yourself & protect your partner.

There is a chance to get a limited amount after completing the screening
"Being good with the defensive" and "Love yourself band-aid"

~ I wish you a good relationship with Y + love yourself more!

Taipei Minsheng Medical Laboratory "I Screening" online appointment, anonymous, skip the line waiting:

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What is AIDS?
Acquired immune deficiency syndrome (English: acquired immune deficiency syndrome, abbreviated as AIDS, transliterated as AIDS), derived from a retrovirus-human immunodeficiency virus (English: human immunodeficiency virus, abbreviated as HIV) infection, resulting in immunity The destruction of the system has gradually become the target of many opportunistic diseases, which in turn contributes to a variety of clinical symptoms.

HIV infections are mostly spread in relatively closed environments, such as blood vessels (blood transfusion/sharing of syringes, etc.), vaginal or anorectal environments (such as condomless vaginal sex, anal sex), through hidden in blood, semen, vaginal secretions, Breast milk and other infections.
Does not include saliva, sweat, urine or other body fluids. Under normal circumstances, kissing will not cause HIV infection.

AIDS and HIV infection have different intentions.
After HIV infection, if it is controlled (some do not need drugs to control), or the incubation period before the onset of HIV infection, HIV patients are HIV carriers. Only related symptoms after the onset of the disease are called AIDS.

HIV is a filtering virus. The incubation period from HIV infection to the onset of the disease ranges from a few months (the fastest) to 10 years or more [31]. According to the development process of the disease, it is clinically divided into three phases :

1. Acute infection period: This is called acute HIV infection. Common symptoms include fever, lymph node disorders, pharyngitis, skin rash, muscle pain, fatigue, oral ulcers, and may include headache, nausea, vomiting, liver/splenomegaly, weight loss, thrush, neurological disorders, etc.

Proportion of AIDS-infected persons with initial symptoms:
Fever 80% (headache and back neck pain feel like being burnt)
Drowsiness and general malaise 70%
Muscle pain and joint pain 50-70%
Swollen lymph nodes 40-70%
Night sweats 50%
Gastroenteritis 50-70%
Diarrhea 30%
Oral ulcers 10-30%
Neuropathic headache 40-70%
Skin rash 40-80%
Genital ulcers 5-15%
Thrombocytopenia 45%
40% reduction in white blood cells
20% increase in transaminase

2. Clinical incubation period: The length of the incubation period is affected by many factors, the shortest may be only two weeks, and the longest may reach 20 years.

3. Onset period: The patient has two or more unexplained lymph node enlargements other than the inguinal lymph nodes for more than 3 months, and systemic symptoms such as fever, fatigue, loss of appetite, weight loss, weight loss, sweating during sleep, etc. , At least the above two symptoms and blood tests can be diagnosed as AIDS-related syndrome.
Patients who have officially entered the Acquired Immune Insufficiency Syndrome, or AIDS, generally will not survive more than 9 months in this stage. However, the advancement of medicine may also extend the survival time.

Prevent AIDS-Avoid the main transmission routes!

The main ways of AIDS transmission are blood transmission, mother-to-child transmission and unsafe sex. Therefore, AIDS can be prevented through the following ways:

A. Safe sex: Except for highly credible sexual partners, use condoms throughout all sexual activities.
A small number of people get infected through wounds through oral sex with an AIDS-infected person, but this method is generally considered low risk. However, in any case, if you want absolute safety, condoms should also be used in oral sex. The HIV concentration in saliva is very low. Kissing will not be infected with AIDS unless the partner has a wound in his mouth.

B. Choose your sex partners carefully. Safe sex partners are extremely important, and both parties have the lowest risk for lifelong single sex partners.
The social environment and interbreeding risk of using alcohol and drugs are highest;
Since condoms can significantly reduce the man’s pleasure during intercourse, it is very common to steal condoms. In addition, many AIDS patients also contract other sexually transmitted diseases, and some of them cannot be completely prevented by condoms;
The risk of one-night stands and interbreeding is extremely high and there is a risk of "the other party pretending that they have no sexually transmitted diseases." Avoiding the social environment where alcohol and drugs are used is the basic common sense for self-protection, which can make people less alert, cause dangerous and even unwilling sex;
Choosing a loyal partner can also effectively reduce risk.

C. Do not share the syringe and diluent.
If you need an anesthetic such as heroin, do not share syringes and diluents with others, and do not use syringes and diluents that have already been used.

D. Medical workers can avoid the spread of AIDS between patients and staff and between patients by following safety measures
The rate of AIDS infection through acupuncture is less than 1 to 200. Oral blocking drugs within a certain period of time (48 hours) after occupational exposure can further reduce the risk of infection. In invasive medical treatment and first aid, it is also very important to let doctors and emergency personnel know whether the patient is an AIDS patient to prevent infection, because it is impossible to deal with the high cost of AIDS-level safety protection and the high cost of drug administration after exposure, and the physical and mental burden on the medical staff. It is implemented for every patient (the level of disinfection is higher, and the side effects of drug administration after exposure are often so strong that people lose the ability to work). In addition, even in non-invasive medical treatment, the doctor’s knowledge is often the main reason for the success or failure of the treatment, because patients must change their medical strategies and adjust their medications because of AIDS.

E. Preventive administration: The premise is that the non-infected party correctly uses the preventive administration of PrEP, while the infected party takes the correct medication and the blood virus is controlled to an extremely low level; the infectivity is slightly lower than that of a condom. However, the high cost, troublesome medication, and side effects make many people intolerable, and many AIDS patients also suffer from other STDs; therefore, they cannot be as reliable and popular as contraceptives.

F. Vaccine: Although there is currently no effective vaccine for the prevention and treatment of AIDS, the RV144 single trial vaccine released in 2009 was found to reduce the risk of disease by nearly 30%. This also motivates researchers to firmly believe in researching a vaccine that can truly prevent AIDS. The trial of the RV144 vaccine is still ongoing.

G. Do not underestimate the side effects and limitations of cocktail therapy, do not overestimate the inhibitory power of drugs on infectious power, do not underestimate the risk of revenge or negligent behavior of some AIDS patients, and do not forget that many AIDS patients have other STDs at the same time.