Natural Proportion Diet That Doesn't Get Fat During New Year

In the previous article we mentioned the importance of a low-sugar diet,
Just after a Chinese Lunar New Year holiday, many people became fat because of meals and fish.
So today we are going to talk about how to enjoy food during the New Year without getting fat.

The so-called balanced diet has a natural golden ratio. For people with moderate to moderate workload, the ratio of each meal is protein: carbohydrates: fruits and vegetables fiber: fat and collagen = 3: 3: 3: 1

This is a very natural and reasonable ratio, and the average person can maintain a constant ratio of cooking and dining, so that one person can ingest a variety of balanced nutrients sufficient to nourish the body in each meal.

And eat whole foods as much as possible, because whole foods are the gift of nature and the most balanced food that fits the natural ratio.
For example, when eating pork, it is best to eat fatty and lean meat with skin, and the cooking time should be controlled within one hour to ensure that the protein does not deteriorate, so you can eat enough nutrients such as protein, collagen, and fat at one time . After eating, not only will you be full, but it will also be full of battery life, which will make your mind flow smoothly.

Protein foods are actually very afraid of cooking for a long time. Excessive cooking time will not only degrade or even denature protein, but not only lose nutrition, but also endanger health.
Therefore, you must pay attention to the time and reheat time when stewing meat, and it is safe to control it within the range of no more than one hour. If it is difficult to reach the cooking goal within one hour, you must consider adding a quick pot or smoldering pot to shorten the time to ensure food safety.

Carbohydrates are also called starchy foods. Although "people are iron and rice is steel," eating too much food can be harmful to your health, and proper intake is the right way to eat.
In terms of the natural golden ratio, everyone should not eat starchy food that is larger than one fist at each meal. Too much will easily accumulate fat, and once the metabolism slows down, fat will start to accumulate. Therefore, it is important to cultivate the right proportion of dietary concepts and habits from an early age, in case you can't change it as you get older.
If you overeat, you will gain weight in the middle-aged and lead to the sequelae of modern civilization diseases such as hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and hyperglycemia.

Vegetable and fruit fiber contains vegetables and fruits. Vegetables are eaten at meals and fruits are eaten after meals.

Although it is delicious, you can't eat too much, because most of the vegetables are cold in nature. Eating more can easily make your body cold, and it will easily form edema in the long run. It is not good for women to conceive a fetus.
Most of the fruits are sweet and fruity, so you can't eat more. Eating more will accumulate excessive polysaccharides, hurt the pancreas and affect blood sugar. Therefore, it is best not to exceed the size of one fist in each meal. Eating too much is a gluttony!

And after the sun goes down, it is less suitable to eat too many cold fruits.

Fat and collagen are very important to the human body. You must eat it, but you ca n’t eat more.
You have to take it in moderation.
Just like the human brain is mainly composed of fat,
If you are older but are afraid of hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and hyperglycemia. And eat less or no fat, some elderly people may even cause depression and dementia. The reason is due to brain atrophy, so eating good fat, and The right proportion of fat can always keep you healthy. Oil can moisturize the skin and hair of the whole body. Only taking a good amount of oil can make people feel like sebum and youthfulness ~

The Mediterranean diet is currently a healthy diet recommended by the medical and nutritional professions.

Take a weekly cycle to consume a variety of protein-rich foods in a balanced and cyclic manner, and generally ingest a variety of seasonal vegetables and fruits, as well as a variety of cereals and a variety of oils. It is not mandatory to completely avoid sweets, so that ordinary interpersonal communication will not occur Obstacles are a diet that is very suitable for the general public to follow ~

Based on modern nutritional analysis, the combination of the Mediterranean diet has its own health reasons.

Because less meat, more vegetables, and more fish, especially the saturated fat intake is only 7 to 8%, it can prevent the rise of bad cholesterol, help avoid blood vessel blockage and hardening, and reduce the risk of stroke. And the olive oil often used in the Mediterranean diet, high in antioxidants also helps heart health. Based on different studies over the past decades, following the Mediterranean diet can reduce overall mortality by 9%, reduce the risk of developing cancer by 6%, and reduce the risk of developing Parkinson and Alzheimer's disease by 13%.

Is a highly recommended modern healthy diet.