Abnormal hair loss, hair loss

Abnormal hair loss, hair loss, height becomes shorter as you get older-a complete guide to save the "early old"!

Do you know what "early old" means?
It is to realize that I have begun to age!
Once the human body begins to age from the inside out, it will appear old.
In addition to the lordosis of the abdomen, the buttocks will follow backwards.
The reason is that the curvature of the spine caused by the abdomen makes the hip fat become larger and thicker, and it also causes the "shrinkage" of the height reduction, which is the so-called "height becomes shorter as you get older" .
If you have this condition, it may be due to osteoporosis!

And another characteristic of aging is hair,
My hair is no longer as thick as it was when I was young, no longer strong and well-shaped,
Even the hairline tends to move back, and even begins to lose hair, abnormal hair loss...Every time you wash your hair, you can collect a whole bunch of hair from the periphery of the drain hole, which is really not beautiful!

How to do it? Is there any way to keep these three thousand hairs without adding trouble? →See hair raising strategy
Is there any way not to height becomes shorter as you get older? →See bone health strategy

1. Let's talk about hair first
Chinese medicine believes that "the state of hair density, moisturizing, dryness, dryness, toughness and brittleness, etc.,
It can reflect the blood status of the body's organs", "Smooth blood flow will result in moisturization, and poor blood flow will lead to decay." The key to healthy hair lies in whether the body's blood is sufficient?
When people are young, their blood is abundant, and their hair is naturally dense, dark and shiny;
With insufficient liver blood in old age, hair naturally begins to become thinner and grayer and loses its luster.
So if you want to have black hair, the most important thing is to make enough kidney blood.

A【Hair Raising Strategy】
1 Eat good oil, less salt, and less sugar for three meals on weekdays. Don't be too hungry or full.
2. The nutrients needed for hair are vitamins (C, B complex, pantothenic acid B5, H...), minerals (calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, copper, zinc...) and high-quality protein.
3. When washing your hair, the water temperature should not be too high, and you should not scratch your scalp with force. You should massage gently with your fingertips.
4. Do not use rough towels when drying your hair. Use a fluffy and absorbent towel to avoid damaging the hair scales.
5. When using the hair dryer, keep a distance of at least 10 cm from the scalp to avoid scalding the scalp and hair.
6 When there is pressure, you should find the correct pipeline to relieve pressure to avoid the accumulation of pressure causing rapid local hair loss (ghost shaving).
7 Chinese medicine believes that the stomach must be taken care of first in the maintenance of the kidneys. The absorption function of the stomach will be improved after the maintenance of the stomach, and the nutrients eaten can be absorbed.
8. If you want to protect your kidneys, you often eat black foods: black sesame seeds, black beans, black fungus, burdock, dried shiitake mushrooms, and various fruits and vegetables rich in anthocyanins.
9 There are many sources of high-quality protein, and plant-based animals should be consumed: beans, eggs, milk, various meats, and seafood. In order to maintain the invariance of high-quality protein, the cooking time should not exceed 1 hour.
10. When sleeping, if you have long hair, it is best to tie it up to avoid excessive friction with the pillow or knotting of the hair, causing hair damage.

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2. Talk about osteoporosis again
The human spine is the most important mainstay in the human skeletal structure. Only when the spine is upright can people grow upright!
The pelvis is balanced in the skeleton structure of the human body. Only when the pelvis is level can the body posture be correct and the walking gait has a light and beautiful posture.
On the other hand, if the pelvis expands or contracts outwards, the gait will show an awkward situation of outer or inner horoscopes, and the center of gravity will be unstable and fall.
If the spine or pelvis is not correct, the human body will be skewed, and then the health will start to light up red!
Many modern people affect their spine health due to incorrect postures, and then have backaches, backaches, cervical spine stiffness, easy fatigue, insomnia, headaches, tinnitus, chest tightness, shortness of breath... and other problems. In fact, most of the problems are spine problems.
It is especially important to protect the spine and maintain a healthy bone density!

B【Guidelines for Maintaining Bones】
1. Moderate drinking is good for health, but excessive drinking will damage cartilage and cause knee joint inflammation and disease.
2. Pay attention to supplementing calcium and high-quality protein during the three meals, and taking into account moderate sun exposure, in order to retain calcium.
3. It is to eat high-quality protein food, not high-protein powder! The elderly should pay special attention!
4. Foods that increase calcium: beans, seaweed, black sesame seeds, dried small fish, dried shrimps, milk, bean products, cabbage, onions.
5. Exercise moderately every day, especially the exercise of stretching the limbs, walking briskly, and cooperate with the breathing to relax the body and mind.
6. When carrying heavy objects, split your hands equally to avoid tilting your pelvis due to a heavier hand.
7. Looking for high-quality meat sellers, add a teaspoon of vinegar when cooking pork ribs soup, which can help calcium dissolve into the soup and facilitate absorption by the body. You can also sprinkle a handful of dried fish and boil it into a soup base, which has a lot of calcium!
8. You can't have both iron and calcium! Foods rich in iron, such as: pig liver, pig blood, vegetables... etc., do not eat with calcium-containing foods, because calcium and iron will cancel each other out. So when it comes to matching dishes, pay attention to which one is more important!
9. Don't often eat too sweet food, because sugar will affect the body's absorption of calcium.
10. Foods containing oxalic acid (such as boca) should not be eaten with calcium foods (such as tofu), which may cause stone problems.

People in the early age should exercise according to their ability. Unless they have a lot of exercise, they should exercise more gently.
After all, the early old group is also the middle force supporting the family. As long as this force stays upright, the family can be happy and happy~~

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