Eternal love-Taipei early renal function test "2021 free

Eternal love-Taipei early renal function test "2021 free" urine test



Eternal love-cat and dog emergency rescue shelter, combined with diet, let adopters or those who want to adopt first to experience how to get along with pets.

Let each cat and dog have free space by stocking. They take care of each stray cat and dog with love, patience, and care, so that they can live the rest of their lives.


2021 Year of the Ox, kao Medical Technologist is here to say Happy New Year to everyone




When you come for a physical examination, you only need to "donate invoices" or "cash is whatever you want"




kao Medical Technologist will immediately help you use "urine" for free



Check early renal function for disease.



The report can be completed in just 10 minutes.




If there is any abnormality after the report is completed, please arrange a nephrology or family medicine clinic.




Donor: Eternal Love-Cat and Dog Emergency Rescue Shelter

Ministry of Health rescue word number: 1091362146


It’s free to do charity for stray cats and dogs, and love is priceless.



kao Medical Technologist reminds you that when you come to the medical examination, please remember to wear a mask and do not need to bring a certificate. Can be anonymous.


The cold current is not enough for our enthusiasm to take care of cats and dogs



We have to love ourselves more and take good care of ourselves before taking care of it




2021 Year of the Ox, I want to do charity together with kao Medical Technologist