Annual Christmas Eve & Christmas is coming

Annual Christmas Eve & Christmas is coming

The annual Christmas Eve & Christmas is coming soon!
Are you still fantasizing how to spend time with your lover! Or are you all thinking about how to experience the night's speed and passion, sex night! Let kao Medical Technologist share what you didn't know after sex
1.Do not urinate immediately after sex

For women, urination immediately after sex is a good way to prevent infection, but men must not rush to urinate after sex, otherwise it will cause pain in the prostate, because the corpus cavernosum congestion of the male genitals has not completely degraded after sex. However, the contraction of the urethral sphincter and detrusor muscle has not been eliminated, but it is easy to cause retrograde reflux of urinary tract resistance bacteria and metabolic waste into the prostate. If you do this every time you have sex, it will easily lead to prostatitis. It is recommended that men should rest for 5 to 10 minutes after ejaculation and urinate after the congestion disappears.

2.Never sleep late after sex

After sex, men will feel comfortable and want to sleep, and many people like to fall asleep, thinking that this can eliminate fatigue. But I believe that many people will feel tired the next day, thinking that they are not physically strong, but this is actually the fatigue after ejaculation, which will last until the next day.

It is recommended to get up after sex and continue to do things in daily life, which can make the reflex nerves dull due to sexual intercourse stimulation to recover smoothly. Most of the fatigue after sex is due to the relaxation of the reflex function of the cerebral spinal cord that controls the discharge of semen.

The young people with good temperament and nerves are active, so their physical strength is very good. Some people even recover their strength right away, and they can have sex again. For the elderly, the recovery time is relatively long. If they fall asleep immediately after ejaculation, it will cause fatigue. The reflection function continues to relax, and the fatigue is hard to disappear.

3. Good men should not fall asleep immediately or go to bed separately

One of the couple may be accustomed to the comfort of monopolizing a bed and believes that sleeping will not be disturbed by the partner; but after sex, it should be an exception to sleep in the same bed with the partner, or at least be in the same bed and talk quietly, So as not to make your partner mistakenly believe that all the previous enthusiasm is just for "sex".

4. Don't smoke after sex

Smoking immediately after sex? This super-uncle-like behavior will make men feel like "Is work over?" After orgasm, it's better to say some romantic words!

5. Have a sex review meeting

Complaining after sex? Good sex must work together, not one's responsibility. After sex, if you have always suspected that the sex skills of the man or woman are not good, or complain about some areas that need improvement, did not make you comfortable, frantically poured cold water on the other side. Kao Medical Technologist especially emphasizes that the advanced discussion items can be divided into whether to wear condoms, sexual positions, hours of sex, exploration of sensitive areas, air-conditioning temperature, flirting videos, clothing supplies, and the actual review date for the next review.

6. Supplementary explanation

For men who cannot quickly restore male prestige after an ejaculation, we must actively exclude potential disease risks such as: (sexually transmitted diseases, anemia, heart disease, electrolytes, mineral imbalances, thyroid gland, diabetes, psychogenic patients). The key recovery measure is relaxation.

After ejaculation, don't think about anything. Take 10 minutes to relax your body naturally. Without thinking, the sympathetic nerves will gradually relax and the parasympathetic nerves will become active again. If you focus your thoughts on the penis, you always think "haven't recovered (hard)?" This will make you more nervous and recover more slowly.