Kao Medical technologist gives a secret letter to married men

Kao Medical technologist gives a secret letter to married men

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Women have children, raise children, hardly work, even no deposit
During this time, it is a woman’s prime time to see through a man.
Part of the wife will experience men's occasional and betrayal
Some will experience eating and suffering by others' faces.
Some will experience the feeling of heartache and ask for money.
How tired it is to raise children, men can understand, I think this is not difficult
Staying up late, losing freedom, it is so realistic, it is not difficult to explain that many people do not want to raise cats and dogs pets, because there will be concern, life and death, the past and present life is entangled.
Ask the married person to think about what the marriage gave to the woman? Is it trouble, or is it hard?
How much do they pay, how much they change, and how much upset they accumulate for the sake of the family?
How much does the man understand? When sex ends, then it falls to sleep, and the birth of a new life is not in anticipation. Marriage and childbearing are all planned.
At the same time, it also represents responsibility, perhaps you are yearning for more than nine thousand in the harem.
But women look at marriage more than anything else. If you understand the teapot and cup theory, congratulations, please come to kao Medical technologist.
What did a marriage make a woman?
Caesarean section at least 8 layers of needles, women who have been produced, for example: natural production:
Just like Testis was hit, it produced 100 times more pain, which is equivalent to 30 bones being broken at the same time!
For men, maybe a child is born, but a child is added to the family to carry out the task of inheritance. What a few seconds of coolness?
For everyone to review, erection is a parasympathy, ejaculation is a sympathy
Everyone wants to be happy, don't forget that there are a lot of hard people in this world. It is not like running a notice, not playing a drama live, but an endless nightmare looping.
If the gods are in full bloom, if the flowers are in full bloom, the butterflies will come. If people are wonderful, everything is safe?
The 10th National Day is coming, the national carnival? Do you feel it or not?
These days, for women, it is earth-shattering, from pregnancy discomfort, to the big belly, to unloading, from production to wounds, and the incomparable pain.
Then the woman will experience the hard work of feeding upside down day and night, deformation after the milking, nipple, areola melanin precipitation, this is definitely not the so-called sweet burden
Postpartum body deformation, long skin spots, decreased physical strength, vaginal relaxation, decreased quality of sexual life, etc. Let the man no longer feel the powerless feeling of interest.
This time is the time when men are most likely to have an affair. They can’t wait for seven years.

Why do women suffer for women? It means that women don't be embarrassed about themselves, economic and financial independence, and people's distrust.
A woman is the most vulnerable in marriage. Only a man who is constantly paying for it can help him score points.
There is no rehearsal in life, and the married man is the older and more valuable.
Turn your face as fast as premature ejaculation, say it and it will come out
The woman outside is beautiful, the wild flowers are fragrant, the chest is big, the waist is thin, just because you have erotic guts?
Because of love, your wife paid a lot of effort for this family, and because of you, she endured the stigma, scars, stretch marks...
You are secretly refreshed, if you don't love her, who loves her?
Please don't be too tired because of work, go home and shout to your wife, men you have to know, women at home (or after work) with children is more tired than going to work! As long as people are afraid of trouble!
So please pamper the woman who paid for you!
As a gentleman, you should be clear. Marriage is not a play, and it is not a free play. After reading it, like a puppy throwing a urine, a butt pat, lazy egg swaying away.
2020 is coming soon, the election is a little concerned, but you are a husband, should you want to know about the latest sexually transmitted diseases? Be careful! If HIV is infected, AIDS will definitely spread!
In a word, who is the wrong person? Is it you? Are you worthy of your child who was just born?
Or are you ready to let your innocent child "have an accident" because of a sexually transmitted infection?

The latest inspection and search technology in 2020 is about to come out, early detection, early treatment, don't let your parents, children, and even the perfect person in the eyes of others, immersed in the risk of infection. In a word! Admit your regrets!

I want to regret

[Unpopular statistics]
1. The number of sexual acts in Taiwan every day, 7 digits
2. Daily sex trader 6 digits
3. Masturbation 7 digits
4. Divorce witnesses 2,500-3,000 NTD per person
5. Divorce ceremony 300,000-1,000,000 NTD per game
6. Lawyer's legal fees Total 500,000-2,000,000 NTD
7. Inspection and treatment costs 50,000-200,000 NTD
8. Maintenance costs 5-6 digits vary according to financial proof and consultation results
9. Other items that cannot be valued: Psychological trauma, sequelae of sexual infection, current retribution, retribution in the afterlife, or other unknown
10. An affair or betrayal, whether it is a husband or a woman, unless it is caught, only 1-5% of people will take the initiative to admit their mistakes to the partner, and will not kneel down the other half, it is not necessarily.