I am a person with my own family.....

I am a person with my own family.....

The mistakes were made from friends, and the curiosity drove the decision, which made today's mistakes and a series of lies that never stopped.

In the New Year of 2014, I was not married at the time, secretly glaring at the wife who was a girlfriend at the time, followed the brothers to find a sex lover, and tasted the first pleasure.

Later, a massage shop, a place to buy sex, a contact number, and gradually increased in the contact list and chat history, now think of it, it was really I If I knew it earlier, I wouldn't have done that.

Even though I have experienced the crisis once and for all, I always have to regret when I regret that I am only one step away from regret.
I asked myself if there was a pity? I don't have an answer in my heart, because I can't answer it.

Sex is a normal man's life, but I use the wrong way.

Step by step into the loop of this infinite reincarnation, I found that the emptiness after the pleasure has never been able to fill, but it can not jump out of this trap full of temptation.

A fault confessed it half redressed. I found that this sentence does not apply to me, I admit mistakes again and again, never change again and again,
I finally experienced what the so-called desperate abyss looks like.

Kao Medical Technologist, you are a respectable medical person. I will never forget your words. I don't want to hurt my family. I don't want to lose my life. I don't want all my efforts to vanish.

I shouldn't let myself fall into the whirlpool of desire. I shouldn't use my wife's kindness to deceive. I shouldn't leave the responsibility of being a father, just for my own selfish desires.

Recalling the days when we worked together to prepare for the wedding before marriage, and remembered the vows of the wedding day, I shouldn't even walk the red carpet with your hand. Think of the day of the feast (we are engaged, married together), now I am really a hand in hand with my wife in front of a stranger.
But behind the stranger, I am an affair., the person called "Man-slag" is me.

Dear elders, guests, all good friends! I am wrong! I am really wrong!

I am sorry for any of you!! I really have no face to see you again!!

I really shouldn’t have private money. It’s really like the old man said, having money to do more bad things.
The cow brought to Taipei is still a cow. I should not "children wear adult clothes."

Kao Medical Technologist passed me this passage. I hope everyone can read it too:

Wine is an intestine poison,
Erotic is a scraping steel knife,
Wealth is the tiger of the downhill,
Anger is the root cause,
It seems that the four characters are harmful.
It’s better to wipe the slate clean,
No wine, no etiquette,
If you are addicted to eroticism, you will suffer,
No money, the world is difficult,
Incompetence is easy to be bullied,
It seems that the four words are useful.
Advise the Cut clothes according to your body.

Wife, I am wrong, son and daughter,
Dad admits it wrong.

I don't understand how to write the words love and responsibility. I have been thinking about how to lie these days, how to write the lie of the script and the sentence.

In the past few years, I have been thinking about how to make a fortune in my mind. In fact, I should think more about "doing the right thing to do; keep doing it, don't do things that are not right," I think I should also Good to quit smoking (the previous smoke was imported from Japan), and I can no longer blame my boss and company culture. After all, I have the right to choose not.

For the 2020 who is the president, I have no big expectations. In my heart, this ticket is dead.

I didn't fight in the 823 artillery, so I didn't celebrate it yesterday. (I think I should continue to repent and fight with other women before.) The 93rd Army Day is coming.
What I want to say to the soldiers is: Thank you for protecting us, and I would like to say:

Please also protect your loved ones.

These days are typhoon days (white deer attack), I hope that everyone can prepare for the defense at home, then love their wife and children, and guard this home.

One day in the future, I will repent and admit to you. After I prepare for it, I will leave everything behind. You must take good care of your mother. Dad is a useless person.

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