Happy Father's Day

The traditional concept of Father's Day is noble, giving gifts, and sending cash. In fact, this is not practical. The best Father's Day gift is actually telling you the "real father", Dad! Congratulations, my body is Healthy, I have no sexually transmitted diseases!!

Note: The real father: its practical meaning is that some people's father is not born, so there is a chance to check the DNA

2019, Cicada "Howling", your "penis" is constantly disturbing others, making others "screaming!"
If your extramarital affair does not stop immediately, it will become even worse, and you will become accustomed to it. There is no shame. If you are pricked and divorced, run into a lawsuit, and then rethink whether it may affect your work, Reputation, birth, life, property, and even health?

Here to help you review Murphy's Law
The specific content is "everything that can go wrong will definitely go wrong", referring to any event, as long as it has a probability of greater than zero, it can be determined that it will happen one day. The original sentence of Murphy's Law is: If there are two or more ways to do something, and one of the choices will lead to disaster, then someone will make this choice. In terms of science and algorithms, it is synonymous with the so-called "worst-case scenario" in English, which is mathematically represented by a large O symbol.

For example, for insert sorting, the worst case scenario is that the array to be sorted is completely inverted and must be replaced by n*(n-1) times to complete the sort. Experimentally, it proves that the worst case does not occur, and it does not mean that it is impossible to be milder than it, unless the probability distribution of the event can be confidently linear.

In terms of culture, it represents a kind of humor that is similar to irony, as a solution to dissatisfaction in daily life.
Murphy's Law has been in existence since ancient times, "I never had a slice of bread particularly large and wide that did not fall upon the floor and always on the buttered side."

The name Murphy's Law is said to date back to 1948-49.
US Air Force
When Colonel John Paul Stapp conducted the MX981 research project, he wanted to use the high-speed manned tool rocket sled MX981 development plan (English: Rocket sled) to test the G force of the rocket deceleration, the engineer in the team Edward A. Mofei (English) :Edward_A._Murphy, _Jr.) In the trial, let the assistant connect the line to the sensor on the seat belt of the tested chimpanzee. The result is zero. Later, it was discovered that all the sensors were reversed. Murphy's sighed: When something goes wrong, it will definitely go wrong.

Please ask yourself and ask yourself if you are likely to have the situation described above? Is it possible?
Is this the life or ending you want to live?
So you have to quit your ugly and evil habits! Is it?
Imagine it again! Father's Day is coming, your old and weak, skin-like wrinkled father, if he knows your style or lack of personality, even know that you are infected with the so-called "disgusting" "Sickness," which is a sexually transmitted disease that is familiar to the public in Taiwan.
I ask you again, what do you think?
Do you have a sense of guilt? Is your morality and loyalty enough? If you are afraid of fear, if you are afraid of the family revolution. Welcome to come to me. Find the problem, solve the problem, and start over.

Will the actor in the story be me? Have you ever thought about the confession after the extramarital affairs?
 You are a well-behaved child in your family's mind! Good husband, good father!! The total number of Taiwanese bends is only 23 million. The number of infected people has been reported to exceed 40,000!
As a father, you may not know that you are called a chicken, a duck, a tea, or a fish.
Nightclub zombies, hotels, massage shops, Thai baths, foot washing, APP network sex, sexual consumption, sex entertainment or non-fixed partner scams, unsafe sex may infect all sexually transmitted diseases

I think you have to repair this class of sexually transmitted diseases. In a word, the most expensive money is free.
If you don't wear a condom penis, you don't wear a condom for anal sex or don't wear a condom for oral sex. Congratulations! You are the candidate!
Additional explanation: The 2019 marriage law has been passed, whether it is the 1st father or the 0th father, the same applies to the male special industry.
Whether you are a bloody man or a king of ducks, your career risks should also be noted!
Repeated urinary tract, anal fistula inflammation and infertility problems are also very troublesome!!!

Do you think your conscience is decent?
Do you know that many infected people are good women?
Do you know that many prostate problems and causes of infertility are related to sexually transmitted diseases?
Children are innocent, do you think this is right?
Your teeth are fangs, you can implant your teeth, you are sick, you can take medicine.
A condom and a lifetime medicine, how much risk are you willing to take!
When you think about it seriously,
Do you think there are other things that are more important than HIV infection?
If you don't think for yourself, please think about it for your parents and children! At present, only treatment control can't be cured.
That's right! The disease is death without taking medicine. At least 6 people are infected with HIV every day in Taiwan. The latest death toll has more than 5,000 people. Think twice before you go.
Don't feel how it might be for me, but fortunately, you must be responsible for the mistakes you have made.
If you have a dangerous sex behavior, you must check it regularly. If you have a sense of guilt, it is a kind of confession to check it out. As an important person in your family, arrange a "health gift" for your favorite father before Father's Day. Please take a reservation from the Father's Day gift area.

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