This is an article you should watch as a man

This is an article you should watch as a man

Serious warning to unfaithful people around the world:

Have you ever thought about transmitting AIDS to children and partners

You can lie to kao Medical Technologist

But you must not underestimate a woman's sixth sense

When you kind of pretend to be calm,

Your tranquility is about to be discovered by your wife or partner

Sometimes you do n’t tell the truth just to preserve the dignity of you and your parents

The heart of a woman today is like the classic famous song sung by Jacky Cheung

"Heart is like a knife", can you bear it as a gentleman?

Or are you just known

one who tries not to offend anybody,
What about hypocrites who are inconsistent in appearance and heart?

Having said that, you can still have a strong psychological quality

Wait until the AIDS test report comes out to confirm a positive (+) response,

And is not a false positive,
The virus count report comes out

We can talk about the so-called again:

if i knew this would happened, i wouldn't have done it, ll the treasures of the earth would not bring back one lost moment. ... etc.

As the saying goes: Free money is always the most expensive

Do not look at the flowers in the fog, the authorities must clear

The bad news: the worst is signing a divorce agreement,

You may not know
Divorce is in line now

Your property is going to be taken away, and you no longer have money to make it bad

When you think you are the victory group in life, you do n’t know,

There is always a gap in hundred secrets, and the paper can't cover the fire,

You should understand Murphy's Law, "Everything that can go wrong will go wrong.

Good news: I will help you stay anonymous.

No related records will be left, early detection of AIDS and early treatment

You should check if you are afraid of infection

If you are afraid of being found, please come to me quickly.

 You can not gain knowledge without practice.

Check for AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases

I think it ’s kind of wake up, repent, admit wrong, remorse

Jackie Chan once said:

I've made the same mistakes men do all over the world

If you are afraid, if you are afraid of family revolution. You are welcome to come to me.

Find the problem, fix it, and start over.

Will the protagonist in the story be me? Have you ever thought of admitting after an affair?

There are only 23 million people in Taiwan. At present, there are nearly 40,000 infected people. I want to face the problem, solve it, and start again

Are you a good husband and good wife in the eyes of your family?

You may not know that business trips, affair, nightclubs, hotels, massage parlors, Thai baths, cannons, etc., unsafe sexual acts such as sexual consumption or sneaky relationships between non-fixed partners may be infected with all sexually transmitted diseases

In a word, it is the most expensive without money.
No condom sex, no condom anal sex or no condom oral sex, congratulations! You are the candidate

Don't you feel sorry for your family? Do you know that many infected people are good women? Do you know that many infertility causes are related to sexually transmitted diseases?

Children are innocent. Do you think it's right to do this?

If your teeth are broken, you can implant them. If your health is not good, you can take medicine. How much risk are you willing to take with a condom and taking medicine for life!

When you think about it, do you think there is anything more important than being infected with HIV? Yes! Death without medication is just death. For the latest statistics on deaths, see

I think you must be responsible for the mistakes you have made.
If you feel guilty, it's remorse to be checked!

Always check for dangerous sex.

1. HIV-RT PCR: Measurable 7-10 days after exposure

2. FTA-Abs IgG-IgM: Early Syphilis Detection

3. HSVI / II IgM: acute herpes infection

4. Chlamydia IgM: Early Chlamydia Infection Test

5. Gonorrhea: early gonorrhea test

6. HPV: Cauliflower Human Papilloma Virus Genotyping

7. Ureplasma urealyticum: Ureaplasma urealyticum

8. Candida albicans: mold

I want to check early and treat early

No matter if you are chronically ill or possessed by a demon

kao Medical Technologist, I'm coming out, holding a fine needle in hand,

I'm in people's livelihood, helping you to get away and settle down.