The Ministry of Health and Welfare announced on June 15, 2018, the top 10 causes of death in 2017.

Kao Medical Technologist's inspection office takes four absolute

1. Absolutely completely anonymous protection

2. Never leave personal information

3. Never connect with insurance

4. Never connect with health insurance

1. Early planning for cancer prevention at home and abroad
2. Lifetime trust planning at home and abroad
3. Transfer of assets at home and abroad
4. Can use US black card
5. Receive special cards such as UnionPay cards

Overseas average cancer immunity or nano treatment fee
1. Japan 10 million to 50 million NTD per year: no guarantee of effective treatment
2. US 20 million to 500 million NTD per year: no guarantee of effective treatment

Life is like a cloud in the world, but is it medically advanced?


Just remember: life has only the right to use, but no ownership

Timely fun, or live in the moment


The inspection technique is indeed very advanced, but cancer treatments do not improve after cancer surgery.
Or how can so many celebrities die?

2017 national top ten causes of death! Cancer ranks first in the cause of death for 36 years

The top ten causes of death are ranked according to mortality, followed by 1.cancer
2.heart disease
4.cerebrovascular disease
6.accidental injury
7.chronic lower respiratory disease
8.hypertensive disease
9.nephritis and renal syndrome and kidney disease
10.chronic liver disease and Cirrhosis

Cancer has taken away 40,380 lives, a record high, and the top ten causes of death in 36 years.

"Cancer Genetic Testing" is a topic that many people have talked about during this time. Why do you need to come to Taipei to find the cancer genetic genetic testing expert kao Medical Technologist?

We can think differently:

1. Wearing a condom before making love is to avoid pregnancy
2. Sexually transmitted diseases before sex is to prevent sexually transmitted infections
3. Before investing in profit, understand the investment tools and the entry and exit mechanism for risk control.

※ The purpose of cancer genetic testing is to accurately predict the incidence of disease

When you have not yet cancer, check your own cancer-related genetic abnormalities in advance, you can do some contingency measures, and you can use drugs for cancer in the early stage of cancer.

1. Why does kao Medical Technologist strongly recommend doing cancer genetic testing?

Because the relatives of kao Medical Technologist are medical staff retired from the medical center, they have undergone postoperative recovery of cancer such as colorectal cancer and artificial anus. Even relatives are brain stems and strokes can't take care of themselves. We use heart to mind, thinking and empathy. Serve more friends who need help.

2. Do you have a genetic test?

For risk-sensitive genetic defect projects, physicians and dietitians will provide appropriate dietary advice and genetically modified nutritional prescriptions, followed by recommendations for future directions for risk projects such as PET Orthophoto, LD-CT low-dose computers. MRI of the fault, early cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, gynecological ultrasound sono, suggestions for other abnormal items

The dangers of not doing genetic testing:

1. No physical health, no access to wealth
2. Should pay attention to but not pay attention, take sick to apply for insurance, can not apply for insurance claims
3. At the same time of illness, causing physical and mental damage to the family, the so-called One small mistake can cause a chain reaction, and consume each other's time, spirit, money,
Even people who are healthy because they take care of their patients are finally sick