Speaking of the medical laboratory, what should be tested?

Speaking of the medical laboratory, what should be tested?

Many things in life are difficult to explain clearly in words and words, so the way of modern science and medicine is to turn these various situations into clear numbers, so-called "quantization", all rely on numbers to speak, all kinds of health indicators or living environment conditions The data can tell the advantages and disadvantages at the first sight.

The medical laboratory is playing the role of this kind of health inspector, helping people to detect various health-related indexes and data using medical instruments, and help you analyze and explain, so that you can understand yourself and the health of your family through these numbers. State of health,
If there is a need, you can further guide you to the medical institution, and register with the doctor according to the department you need, so as to implement "free disease prevention, disease treatment", and even "prevention is better than early detection". The ultimate goal of medical treatment for medical treatment.

For example, the "low-sugar ketogenic diet", which is very popular recently, many doctors suggest that before implementation, it is necessary to test whether their own health indicators are suitable for implementation, and conduct under the guidance of experienced doctors, which is a more secure way.

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