After a physical examination, it was found that the other half had an affair! ?

After a physical examination, it was found that the other half had an affair! ?

Modern people often call themselves stressed! Many people use various channels to relieve or release their stress. For example, some people use meditation, some people use exercise, and some people use hand-made baking, but some people will relieve their stress through an affair! ? And there are quite a few people who choose to do this, it's incredible, right?

Actually do you know? After the affair, the pressure may seem to be relieved a little for a while, because at that time you were sinking and enjoying the happiness of the body and mind, but with the passage of time and the real life, with the affection between the man and the woman in the affair Entanglement, differences in willingness, perhaps, another pressure is quietly forming, because the situation is getting out of control, and the degree of loss of control is so great that you can't imagine and can't resist it!

Because feelings are the most difficult exercise in the world.
No one wants to be deceived in feelings, right?
No one wants a third party in their feelings, right?

So do not disturb if you are not sincere! Unless you are single,
~~ The road to an affair is definitely a bad way, and bad way is not feasible!

[Example] Husband had an affair, and his wife was diagnosed with cauliflower
Medical technologist ken kao of Minsheng Medical Laboratory, in response to the last point of the sign of an affair (Note), shared a case where a woman was diagnosed with cauliflower when she went to the clinic for a quick STD screening.
It was accidentally revealed that her boyfriend had sex with other women during her relationship, so she was infected.
After the two broke up, when they went to the hospital again for a checkup, they were surprised that the cauliflower had covered the cervix. Therefore, the romantic sex of the other half must be prevented.

In addition to cheating clues in life, mobile communication software is also very convenient now. If you find that your partner likes to download gun appointment software, suspicious contact names appear, message boxes are emptied, etc., it may also be a sign of cheating or stealing food. .

[Explanation] What is cauliflower? (Medical technologist ken kao)

What is: Human Papillomavirus. Condyloma acuminata. cauliflower. HPV?
HPV is a virus that is transmitted through direct skin contact or sexual intercourse. As of now, there are about 200 known types of HPV. The HPV that causes infection of the hands and feet is different from the HPV that causes infection in the throat or genital area. About 40 types of HPV can infect male and female reproductive organs. There are currently at least 15 types that can be classified as "high-risk" because HPV can cause cervical cancer and other less common cancers, such as vaginal cancer, vulva cancer, penile cancer, and anal cancer.
Data show that 90% of cervical cancers are related to HPV.

[Review of Signs of Affair]
● Have a lack of interest in everything in life, including you, work and children.
● Have the urge to pursue excitement or danger.
● You seldom do intimate actions (such as kissing, hugging).
● Sexual life is almost non-existent, or many novel tricks or props suddenly appear.
● The other half has low self-esteem.
● No matter what you say, the other half will not feel jealous or jealous.
● The other half is confused about self-identification.
● The other half becomes lazy, negative, and more critical.
● Begin to speak harshly or aggressively towards you.
● You cannot communicate well.
● When you mention "infidelity," the other half reacted very strongly or very defensively.
● The other half has extended working hours.
● Suddenly start to care about wearing or appearing unexpectedly.
● Suspicious expenses and billing receipts appear.
● Clothes have unfamiliar perfume smell and lipstick marks.
● Indifferent to family activities or spouse’s birthday.
● Like to go missing.
● Often quarrels over money.
● No longer willing to accompany you to where you want to go.
● The other half no longer says "I love you".
● Find out that I have a venereal disease. (Note)
The article is from a media interview report by Medical technologist ken kao:

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