Women's private parts are unbearable

Women's private parts are unbearable? It may be a sign of allergies or cancer. You can know it quickly by testing!

In the mobile LINE group, there is always an advertisement for a woman’s private area cleaning and maintenance liquid.
The frequency of communication is easy to think: "How much demand is this product?"

After searching for keywords on the Internet, I found out that "women’s private parts always itch until they wake up in the middle of the night! There are also annoying smells." Such topics are very popular!

Vaginitis is a common disease among women. Many patients often go to the pharmacy to buy medicines because they are embarrassed to see a doctor. But you are not a Medical Technologist or a doctor. How can you be sure that you have vaginitis? What if the symptoms are worsened if the right medicine is not prescribed?

It is recommended that women friends, if you find that you have symptoms of suspected vaginitis, itching or even burning and annoying odor in the genitals, you should go to Medical Technologist as soon as possible for a test (see ken kao Medical Technologist as soon as possible!), first After confirming your symptoms, you can go to the hospital for medical consultation and take medicine. Only by adopting the correct SOP can you solve your health problems as soon as possible, so as not to cause endless troubles.

The causes of vaginal itching may come from the following aspects:
1. Excessive pressure
2. Bacterial infection
3. Stimulating hygiene products
4. Latex allergy
5. Eczema or psoriasis
6. Vaginal atrophy
7. Vulvar cancer

Daily private health care should do this:
1. Maintain the dryness of the home environment
2. Try to keep the genitals dry and breathable, wear breathable cotton underwear, and avoid too tight and stuffy
3. The underwear must be washed and dried
4. Eat less broad-effect antibiotics to avoid disrupting the natural balance of the original vaginal environment
5. Avoid sex during treatment
6. Control diabetes
7. Regular work and rest, balanced diet, enhance immunity
8. Avoid excessive use of vaginal cleaning fluid, because it may destroy the original weak acid environment of the vagina and cause the growth of pathogens
9. After going to the toilet, wipe from front to back to avoid bringing bacteria from the anus to the genitals
10. Use condoms correctly
11. Drink plenty of water and do not hold back your urine.

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