During the typhoon season

During the typhoon season, there are many problems with long-term soaking in dirty water! Seek medical treatment as soon as possible

Severe typhoon (mangkhut) is coming again! The Central Meteorological Bureau issued a marine typhoon warning at 11:30 on 9/14. Please check whether the drainage ditch before and after your home is unblocked. If there is a blockage, immediately remove the blockage and trim the flowers and trees beside the ditch to prevent litter from falling into the ditch and obstruct the drainage. Try to take measures to prevent flooding in your surroundings to protect your own life. Property safety.

Not long ago, due to the tropical depression, the rainfall in Tainan, Kaohsiung, and Pingtung was astonishing, causing flooding in many places. From the TV news screens, we can see that the bodies of many people have been soaked in dirty water for many days. This situation can not help but worry whether a wave of bacterial infections will form?

ken kao Medical Technologist would like to call and remind everyone: if people have wounds on their bodies, or soak in water for a long time, they should pay more attention to their physical health, whether they have skin inflammation, redness, ulcers, wounds, rashes, Wet feet, peeling, onychomycosis... and other skin diseases occur. When you find that your body has such symptoms, you must seek medical treatment immediately, and inform the doctor that it is caused by long-term soaking in dirty water. Do not delay!

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