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Kaohsiung "Slow Food". Sanduo Business District Refreshing Healthy Lunch Box-Double Satisfaction for Internal Use and Delivery

In recent years, Taiwan has a wave of advocating healthy eating. Many nutritionists, physicians, and health experts from various factions have published books and talked about their healthy eating concepts. Some said that they should use less oil, some said that they should use good oil. What's more, it is said that fat should account for more than half of the meal, and even coffee should be added with some oil. It can be said that the era of healthy eating has come!

Everyone knows that kao Medical Technologist is studying in the Department of Health and Nutrition, and he is currently implementing a low-sugar ketogenic diet and retraining fitness program
So when I heard about the healthy bento known as a collaboration with a nutritionist, I felt very interested and went to find out. I immediately took the high-speed train south to Kaohsiung ~ to "Slow Food" for a taste!

"Slow food" style and taste
Looking up at Slow Food’s simple decoration style and furniture, and then looking down at this colorful and pleasing meal box, it really makes people want to calm down~~ Sit down, slowly, and have a good meal. !

The comfortable and pleasant air conditioning temperature is accompanied by light music in the background, and the overall dining atmosphere is comfortable and relaxing.
But there are not many seats available inside~ the boss said that reservations for delivery are very welcome! (Slow Food FB)

"Slow Food" Healthy Meal Concept
The concept of "Slow Food" is: a healthy and balanced diet with less oil, less salt, less sugar, high fiber, refreshing and non-greasy, to reduce the burden on the body and prevent diseases.

"Slow Food" has smart chefs & queen nutritionists
I think what is more special is the "Slow Food Chef. Not Human", it turned out to be a "LAINOX Steaming Oven"! It is omnipotent from Italy. It is intelligently controlled by a computer. It repeats the cooking steps every time according to the preset SOP to ensure that the quality of each meal is exactly the same.

In addition, Slow Food also has the Queen’s nutritionist Kimi, who carefully designed to integrate various nutritional elements into a lunch box, so that people who eat healthy lunch boxes can ensure that they can eat enough and balanced nutrients in each meal.

"Slow Food" digitizes nutrition to take care of your health
Not only that, every healthy lunch box is marked with a calorie kcal number that has been accurately calculated, so that people who eat the lunch box can eat with peace of mind, maintain health and maintain a good posture-really awesome!
If you want to know the preview menu for next week, go to Slow Food’s FB.
It is divided into two categories: "Fat-reduced vegetables, multi-meal" and "Low-calorie meat, multi-meal". The average price is 100 NTD, so you can make the most suitable according to the nutritional intake plan or weight loss plan you are implementing. The choice is really considerate!

Check out the "Slow Food" menu
"Fat-reduced vegetable multi-meal" calories is about 578 kcal
Whole grains: 3.5servings, fish eggs: 2.5servings
Vegetables: 4.0servings, fats: 1.0servings

"Low-calorie meat multi-meal" calories about 628 kcal
Whole grains: 3.5servings, fish eggs: 3.5servings
Vegetables: 3.0servings, fats: 1.0servings

↑↑↑The difference is that you want to eat more vegetables? Or more meat? The proportions and weights are written quite clearly and easily

For customers who eat slow food for the first time, the boss recommends choosing "Meat Meal" first, because the taste of meat will be sufficient, and the vegetables are refreshing and not greasy, which is acceptable to the public.
After becoming a regular customer, more people will choose "Multiple Dishes" because it tastes refreshing and unburdened, which is good for maintaining a slim body.

Special items, remember to book first
In addition, there are some special items, but you have to order a meal in advance, so kao Medical Technologist wants to eat it but can’t eat it (What a pity!), but some people have requested pictures from the boss to share with you ↓↓↓

[Fitness-Building Box] A la carte: 70NTD / additional purchase 60NTD
This box of protein is about 30-35g, boiled in pure water, and is mainly designed for the fitness group as a protein snack supplement after exercise.

[Fresh Fruit Box] A la carte 60NTD / additional purchase 50NTD
There are 3-4 kinds of fruits in it, the weight is about 300g
One box can meet the amount of fruit that an adult needs for a day, and it is very suitable for working and school groups.

[Slow Food Healthy Drink] Price 30NTD
"South African National Treasure Tea" is made by cold brewing, without caffeine.
South African National Treasure Tea, also known as Doctor Drink, is South Africa’s national drink, rich in minerals,
In South Africa, not only young and old, women, pregnant women and patients are all drinking South African tea,
It is known as a kind of blessed tea given by God exclusively in South Africa.
kao Medical Technologist usually drinks at home, which is very conducive to health maintenance~

Today, kao Medical Technologist came to the store to have a meal. The interior was full, and there were always customers coming in to take out lunch boxes. However, I found that everyone who came to pick up the meal would only need to provide their name/phone number to eat. The boss said it was because most of the customers Early reservations are reserved, so if you want to eat, you should book early to avoid running out for nothing.

High CP value healthy lunch box ~ recommended for you who value health
The high-quality healthy lunch box with this size and appearance is only sold at 100NTD!
The CP is really high, because at least 150NTD is required in Taipei!

I asked the boss if he plans to open a store in Taipei. The boss said that he just wants to slowly and steadily improve the quality and expand the business territory. He hasn't thought about it yet.
Hearing this kind of business philosophy, it can be seen that the boss is a serious, practical and dedicated to making food.
Allow consumers to eat real and healthy foods that are truly at ease and carefully controlled by the boss.

PS. The take-out/delivery method is detailed in the Slow Food FB, you can check it online

[Kaohsiung "Slow Food"]
Address: No. 184, Yongle Street, Lingya District, Kaohsiung City
Phone: 07-3380920
Lunch: 11:00~13:00
Dinner: 17:00~19:00
Holidays: Saturday night, Sunday
To book online, please become a LINE friend: http://line.me/ti/p/@manshi
For more information, please visit the FB fan page: https://www.facebook.com/manshitw

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