Are you suitable for a ketogenic diet?

Are you suitable for a ketogenic diet? kao Medical technologist recommends that you correctly SOP "check first, regenerate ketones"!

In the past two years, a wave of super ketogenic diet has been raged in China. A large number of netizens have formed various fan groups to discuss what foods should be eaten with ketogenic today?

There are a lot of new books in the major bookstores, and sales of ketogenic diet guides and recipes also occupy a large market share, which shows that the Chinese people are very positive in pursuing health.

However, is there only one way to pursue ketogenic pursuit of health?

Not so!

Because everyone's congenital constitution is different, and the day-to-day and north-south differences in the living environment and the physical and mental energy consumed by individuals are different, the best and most scientific way to pursue a healthy diet is to first do a health check. Determine whether your cardiovascular, cerebrovascular, and internal organs are healthy? Is it suitable for a certain type of diet conditioning?

After you have determined the indicators, confirm that you are suitable, and then implement this healthy eating guide-this is the correct SOP!

kao Medical technologist is a ketogenic dieter myself. Before I started a ketogenic diet, I did a general fitness check for myself and determined that I was fit and healthy. After all, the goal is to be healthier, so you should n’t joke about life, you should face it with a more rigorous attitude, so "check first, regenerate ketones" is definitely a necessary SOP procedure.

Why "check first, regenerate ketones"?

Because of a recent large study in the United States, a ketogenic diet increases the risk of premature death, as well as mortality from several chronic diseases.
The characteristic of this diet is that sugar foods are reduced to about 10%, fats account for 70 to 80%, and 10 to 20% are protein foods, so they are an extreme approach to high-fat foods. Diet pattern is not a "balanced diet" as advocated by many nutrition experts.

Overall, analysis using survey data found that people who consumed the least amount of carbohydrates were 32% more likely to die prematurely. In addition, low-carb consumers are 51% more likely to die from coronary heart disease, 50% more likely to die from cerebrovascular disease, and 35% more likely to die from cancer. These results are most intense in older non-obese people.

kao Medical technologist's personal ketogenic experience

After I had a ketogenic diet for nearly 5 months, I also experienced nausea and nausea. Because the proportion of ketogenic oil intake is really large, I adjusted the proportion to mild ketogenic according to my physiological response. I reduced my oil intake to 70-50% to keep myself in the most comfortable and natural state for a long time, and I can think and work better, so I am very satisfied with my current state.

Based on my own experience, I sincerely appeal to all friends who want to pursue the effect of ketogenic ~~ "Check first, regenerate ketone" and then observe your physiological response at any time, make adaptive adjustments, and that is the way to pursue health !!

The goal of our inspection is to hope for a high total cholesterol content, but the high density of HDL is higher than 50, while the LDL of low density lipoprotein should be less than 130 mg / dl, and the heart and thyroid inflammation indexes should be normal, and then the ketogenic index reaches 3- 4 + signs.

Kao Medical technologist believes that under the correct guidance of a fitness coach, moderate weight-bearing, resistance training and aerobic classes can maintain body posture and assist in the execution of a ketogenic diet. More energetic, and girls will look more beautiful and more exquisite.

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