Christian-Mr. Chen's Confession

Christian-Mr. Chen's Confession

Christian-Mr. Chen's Confession
Mr. Chen has a Christian girlfriend who has been dating for 8-9 years. In the 6th and a half years, his girlfriend and a married man have a good relationship with each other. All other things that should happen except that they have never had sex Mr. Chen was very angry and sad. He felt stupid and hated in his heart. He respected each other for 6 and a half years, but got this result.
Later, when the devil's psychology appeared, Mr. Chen always wanted to avenge his girlfriend and be ambiguous with other girls. One night in November this year, he sneaked out of a friend’s yacht party and met a very beautiful foreign girl with big breasts. After drinking a lot of alcohol, there was a sex relationship. There were protective measures during the sex process, but because the other party said that it was uncomfortable to wear a condom, the safety measures were removed later. Mr. Chen made mistakes without thinking too much.
In fact, Mr. Chen had always been an otaku before, and he had only had three girlfriends, and only the second girlfriend had sex. Once I was 114 kilograms fat, God was punishing Mr. Chen this time. Mr. Chen’s guilt was really deep. When I was in tears, I was accompanied by my betrayed girlfriend. Contradictory and painful. Now Mr. Chen can only resign himself to his fate. No matter what difficulties he encounters, he will face it calmly. He also made a promise in his heart that if the difficulties pass this time, he will be baptized and marry this girlfriend. Although Mr. Chen is not a good boyfriend, But Mr. Chen is really confident to be a good husband.

Mr. Chen, sorry, mom and dad
Mr. Chen, sorry, girlfriend
Mr. Chen, sorry, my body
Mr. Chen, I'm sorry, everyone around me who loves me
How long have you not eaten with your parents or children, and how long have you not told the truth with your parents?

The children work hard outside, leaving their elderly parents to guard the home. In order to save money and reduce the cooking process, the elders often ignore the normal diet and have to deal with a meal. The child also saves money to save money for his family

Committed to the maintenance of people’s livelihood and health and social harmony, Minsheng Medical Laboratory took the lead in promoting the “early examination” of STDs, encouraging cheaters to be willing to put down their bodies and take the initiative to face them, led by kao Medical technologist, so that the elderly and busy children have no worries , So that parents will not worry about their health.

This world has changed, have your original intentions changed? The beautiful lie that you vowed before you get married. You wore an ugly and evil leased wedding dress when you got married. Others such as pre-breakup sex, pre-marital singles parties, all kinds of scenes you can think of or unexpected, I have taken over all of them.

Yachts, mansions, sky, sea party? Be careful playing with fire!

The ancients said: "Man has three lives: 1. The character given by the heavens. 2. The food, clothing, profit, wealth and poverty are the result of the cycle of cause and effect. 3. The destiny caused by habits and hobbies."

The character given by the heavens. It is also the vocation of life. If a person fails to fulfill his duties and ignores morals, courtesy and justice, he violates the mandate of heaven.

The food, clothing, profit, wealth and poverty are the result of the cycle of cause and effect., is the result of the cycle of cause and effect. If you don’t know your fate, you can’t save money, you waste your property arbitrarily, and you deplete your property, you will lose your fate and you will not be able to enjoy Reward.

Habits, hobbies, etc. If you don’t know your habit, act arbitrarily, spend money on alcohol and wealth, do everything,
If it is not what you want, resentment, hatred, annoyance, anger, annoyance, etc. will arise again, so that the morals are always compliant, and the longevity is diminished. If we can change our habits, we will naturally increase wealth and poverty; and then we can change the original wealth and poverty, and finally we can change The character given by the heavens.

The three lives are made by the heart, so the ancients said:
"Sages have no bad habits. Other than that, there are bad habits. Bad habits are the way to go (to the gate of the underworld), and the character given by the heavens is the way to go up (the way of sages). "

Life is alive, with different causes, there are differences between rich and poor, pros and cons, and poor. Others are so healthy. Why do I get sick? My neighbor is so rich, why am I so poor? This is all "fate" relationship. Therefore, for the fate created over the years, don't blame the heavens and others, you should "do it with joy, accept it willingly," and be brave enough to face reality, so that you can truly "recognize your fate."