Announce the latest 10 causes of cancer deaths in 2018

Announce the latest 10 causes of cancer deaths in 2018

The Ministry of Health and Welfare announced on June 15, 2018 the top 10 causes of death among Chinese in 2017 The top ten death causes of Chinese in 2017 are released! Cancer has been the top cause of death for 36 years The top ten causes of death are sorted by mortality, and in order are cancer, heart disease, pneumonia, cerebrovascular disease, diabetes, accident injury, chronic lower respiratory disease, hypertensive disease, nephritis and renal disease syndrome and nephropathy, chronic liver disease and liver hardening Cancer killed 48,037 lives, hitting a record high, ranking first among the top ten causes of death for 36 years "Cancer genetic testing" is a topic that many people are talking about during this time, so why do we need to come to Taipei to find a cancer genetic testing expert kao Medical technologist?

We can think in another direction:
1. Wearing condoms before sex is to avoid pregnancy
2. STD examination before sex is to prevent STD infection
3. To understand the investment tools and the entry and exit mechanism before making a profit in investment is for risk control

※ The purpose of cancer genetic testing is to accurately predict the incidence Before you have cancer, check whether you have cancer-related genetic abnormalities in advance, and you can take some emergency measures, and you can accurately target the cancer in the early stage of cancer.

1. Why does kao Medical technologist strongly recommend cancer genetic testing? Because relatives of kao Medical technologist are medical staff retired from the medical center who have undergone postoperative recovery from cancers such as colorectal cancer and artificial anus. Some relatives even suffered a brainstem stroke and cannot take care of themselves. We use our hearts to compare hearts, to think and to empathize. Serve more friends who need help.

2. What about genetic testing? Physicians and dietitians for higher-risk genetic defect items will provide appropriate dietary advice and genetically modified nutrition prescriptions, and then provide key directions for future tracking for risk items, such as PET positron photography, LD-CT low-dose computed tomography , MRI of early cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, gynecological ultrasound sono, and suggestions for other abnormal items.

The possible harms of not doing genetic testing:

1. Without good health, unable to enjoy wealth

2. Should pay attention but not pay attention, apply for insurance with illness, and cannot apply for compensation

3. At the same time of illness, it causes physical and mental damage to the family members. The so-called pull affects the whole body, and consumes each other's time, energy, money, and even health people get sick because of taking care of others.