Worried about family members getting dementia?

Worried about family members getting dementia? It's better to go to the medical laboratory to confirm the result as soon as possible~ Make an appointment and skip the line!

Today in the 21st century, mankind is threatened by a special and incurable disease, that is, dementia that changes face after hearing shocking things!

Because the causes of dementia are very complex and diverse, in addition to medically verifiable factors, it also contains non-medical verifiable problems. Therefore, dementia is roughly divided into two categories in medicine: vascular and degenerative.
But clinically, patients sometimes have two or more causes and symptoms at the same time. The most common is the coexistence of Alzheimer's disease and vascular dementia, so it is also called mixed.

The main cause of Alzheimer's disease is the deposition of two proteins in the brain, one is the plaque caused by the accumulation of β-amyloid protein, and the other is the tangles formed by the accumulation of "tau protein".

There is also another Taiwanese drama "Flavor Of Life" in the role of father who also suffers from dementia, from running away from home irresponsibly when he is young, to returning to the family with dementia when he is old, to the relationship between husband and wife Emotional interlocking, from betrayal to forgiveness..., from incomprehension to reconciliation. It is a very high-quality Taiwanese drama that has won the Golden Bell Award. It is also highly recommended for everyone to watch it at home. The family can understand dementia together and care about the family at the same time. Does the elderly also have those signs of dementia, so that they can go to the medical examination to determine whether they are sick? If you really get sick, you can get medical treatment as soon as possible.

Alzheimer's disease was discovered in 1906 by a German physician Alois Alzheimer, so named after it, it is the most common dementia.

The most obvious early symptoms are memory decline, problems in identifying time, place, and people, and two or more cognitive dysfunctions, which are progressive degeneration and irreversible; neurodegenerative diseases in which nerve cells in the brain are destroyed Doctors judged by computer tomography and MRI. The main reason is that Alzheimer's disease is mainly infringement of the hippocampus in the early stage. After death, brain anatomy can reveal abnormal senile plaques and tangled nerve fibers. Former US President Reagan suffered from this disease. The clinical course is about 8-10 years.

A few years ago, there was a remake of the movie "I Miss Myself" from the novel of the same name. The heroine herself suffered from Alzheimer's disease. From the resistance at the beginning, to the step of arranging for suicide by swallowing medicine when the illness occurred, beyond rationality, to later I couldn’t understand the instructions I set in advance in the computer...playing a highly knowledgeable dementia patient Lively, I really recommend everyone to watch this movie.

Many patients with dementia have been found clinically to have depression problems at an earlier stage. Therefore, early detection of depression or depression tendencies in family members is one of the effective ways to prevent dementia in the future.

There is another type of symptom for the elderly, Parkinson’s disease, which causes the patient to walk without expression, lean forward slightly, walk very slowly, and with his hands stiff against his side. When turning, the patient Always turn around slowly at small paces on the spot, and then move forward slowly after turning fully.

Minsheng Medical Laboratory-Dementia Checkup, Depression Checkup, Parkinson's Disease Checkup Appointment URL: http://minshen.tw.simplybook.me/sheduler/manage/event/85/unit/1

Q: Go to the medical laboratory for physical examination V.S major hospital physical examination. What's the difference?
A: The medical laboratory itself is a professional health inspection unit. There is no need to wait for a long time to make an appointment, skip the line, etc., and the medical examiner himself takes samples, inspects, and explains the report for you.
The report is fast and efficient, the price is reasonable, and it is not included in the medical history and medical records, and will not affect your future insurance payment!

Depression test report ↓ will be available in about a week

Alzheimer's disease examination report (normal)↓
Pay attention to nutritional balance and physical and mental health

 Alzheimer's disease examination report (abnormal)↓
It is advisable to seek medical treatment early (Psychosomatics/Cranial Neurology)

Drama "Smile Canteen
Movie "I Miss Myself