Small blisters on the body are a health warning-find out the small blisters by ultrasound examination of the whole body!

Small blisters on the body are a health warning-find out the small blisters by ultrasound examination of the whole body!

Most people don't care about the occasional small blisters on the skin, but the skin is the largest organ in the human body. You should pay more attention to the sudden blisters to prevent small problems from turning into big problems.
Especially when these small blisters do not just appear on the skin, if they appear on the internal organs, you must immediately increase your alertness and medical awareness!

Do you know? Every time a whole body health check is performed, up to 90% of people will be found to have small blisters on their internal organs. Many people tend to be very worried, I have blisters? Am i sick? What will happen?

Don’t worry about it. More than 99.9% of visceral blisters are benign, and the chances of becoming malignant tumors are extremely low. However, blisters in these three organs such as pancreas, ovaries, and breasts must be careful, because these organs Sometimes malignant cystic tumors will grow, which will disguise as blisters at the beginning, so they are easily overlooked.

In particular, the pancreas and ovaries are located deep in the abdomen, using general ultrasound examination, the visual field is limited, and it is difficult to detect at the initial stage. A complete abdominal ultrasound scan must be used to see the overall condition without dead corners. Therefore, if you want to find the problem early, you have to choose the project through professional The medical examiner can scan your whole body accurately so that you can check the entire internal organs in the first stage. Is there any abnormality?

All cancers are the same. The earlier it is detected, the earlier the chance of cure will be. Up to 80% can be cured and can be restored to its original healthy body state.
Therefore, "Regular health check + complete ultrasound examination" is the best shortcut for early detection of diseases!

【Minsheng Medical Laboratory】

A professional medical examiner will do a full set of ultrasound scans for you, which has many advantages:

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