Mid-autumn barbecue meat and vegetables are well matched

Mid-autumn barbecue meat and vegetables are well matched

Mid-autumn barbecue meat and vegetables are well matched, and the three highs (high blood sugar, high blood fat, high blood pressure) are far away from you

In the Mid-Autumn barbecue season, I saw a lot of people buying meat and sauce. Kao Medical technologist had to take time to remind everyone: Don’t eat too salty or too oily!

For the sake of health, for the sake of your dear family, meat and vegetables should be properly matched when grilling, and don't brush the barbecue sauce! Can't help but want to brush, go and brush your teeth seriously! At least old and still have a good tooth.

Are you suffering from three highs (high blood sugar, high blood fat, high blood pressure)?
It's all caused by excessive oil and saltiness

Often after the Mid-Autumn Barbecue Festival, the gastroenterology department in the hospital is overcrowded, all of which have caused gastrointestinal discomfort due to overeating, eating oil, and eating salt.

In addition, the chronic disease clinic will be full of people, because eating too much oil, too salty, and drinking too much alcohol also leads to the problem of soaring blood pressure. Everything is "too indulgent!"

Use your body correctly, don't play tricks!

To be honest, everyone knows it but commits a crime. It's really a petty trick!

Kao Medical technologist believes that it is not necessary to strive for a light diet, but a reasonable and appropriate amount is required. It is normal on weekdays. Even if you occasionally overdo it, you can maintain your health for a long time by adjusting the balance immediately afterwards. This is a way to return to nature and use the body correctly.

If you use your body indiscriminately, of course it is very likely to be scrapped early, don't you think?

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